Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Noad's Corner

We have also asked that on the way to look at the yellow lines in Sulis Meadows that the parking wardens check on the cars and vans parked on the pavement at Noad's Corner

Yellow Lines Sulis Meadows

We have spoken to the council about enforcing the yellow lines at the entrance to Sulis Meadows, especially at school opening an closing times.

Hopefully something will happen.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Ambleside Road cleaning

Following a request from a resident we have organised for the sweeper to go into the cul-de-sac ins Ambleside Road.

PACT priorities June 2010

  • Parking on Oolite Road and the junction with the Wellsway and Upper Bloomfield Road
  • Parking on Bloomfield Rise at school times
  • ASB and underage drinking
These were agreed last night, and will direct the community police team

Sunday, 20 June 2010

More recycling, late but at least it is here

There was a time when Bath and North Somerset was one of the highest recycling areas in the country, that was before the conservatives took control, and then everything got put off, now we are just average.

Finally the council is starting a new weekly food waste recycling collection from 4 October 2010. This new collection will be for everyone who currently has access to the green box recycling service. Residents will be able to recycle all of their food waste including plate scrapings, meat, bones and all cooked food.

The council is organising many road shows across Bath and North East Somerset and talks/briefings to community groups so that it can talk face-to-face with residents to explain how the new collection service will work.

RSS dead and its extra housing for Odd Down ?

All the comments out of Government is that the regional assemblies will be abolished and that their powers will be returned to local councils. This will mean that we will have the powers to decide housing numbers and where they go.

Bath still needs housing as there are many people that want someone to live in Bath, but are priced out of the market. At least now a decision will be made local if and how many, rather than in Exeter.

Council survery

The council has released their recent 'Voicebox' public perception survey to a random sample of just over 3000 households in the Bath and North East Somerset area.

This survey has been funded by departments within the council and is designed to support decision making and budget setting.

Questions are being asked about the following services:

- Contacting the Council/Council Connect
- Social Services
- Tourism, Leisure and Culture
- Anti-Social Behaviour and Community Capacity
- Corporate Satisfaction

The survey is being carried out by an external Market Research agency called Wyman Dillon, if you have any questions please contact us

Grass cutting Sulis Meadows

We have received this from the officers.

"The last of the grass cutting was scheduled to take place today so all areas should now have been cut once at least. The intention is that the frequency for grass cutting will be once every two weeks for the rest of the season until the autumn.

The shrubs work will be programmed in for later in the year."

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Grass cutting Sulis Meadows

We have asked for the grass next to the Wansdyke to be cleared, along with the discarded sofa.

Culverhay School Future

We are concerned about Bath and North East Somerset consultation over the future of secondary schools in Bath. We feel that if Culverhay is closed this will let the south of Bath down again. Culverhay has served boys in the area for many years. With St. Gregory's having limited admission to non-catholics, it means many boys from the Odd Down/Kingsway area having to travel several miles to school, we feel this can't be good.

We have support Culverhay going co-ed, this is something we believe should continue.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Planning Application

Ref: 10/02199/FUL
Parish: N/A
Registered: 25th May 2010 Expiry Date: 20th July 2010
Location: Odd Down Post Office 59 Frome Road Odd Down Bath Bath And North East Somerset
Grid Ref: (E)373737 - (N)162395 LB Grade: N/A
Proposal: Erection of a shop with two flats above it in the garden of 59 Frome Road (Resubmission)
Officer: Victoria Griffin
Applicant: Mr & Mrs J Rai Agent: John Page Architect
59 Frome Road
Odd Down

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Community Projects

Come along and vote for local projects at the next meeting of the ODCA on Tuesday 15th June, 7.30pm at the Community Centre - refreshments will be provided.
At the meeting which will be attended by local councillors, community groups will be invited to present their statements to apply for money from the Clark's 106 fund and the results of this will be used to allocate funding. If you are a member of an established community group and would like to submit a statement, please address it to the Community Centre (106 Fund) by Tuesday 1st June 2010.
After the voting, there will be an opportunity for those who wish to stay to consider the Community Association's role and vision for the future.
Please make a special effort to come along with your friends and neighbours to support this event and have a say about what you want to see in the community.
It should be a great evening and we look forward to seeing you there!