Sunday, 16 May 2010

Police - theft of scrap metal

There is a current spate of thefts of metal…particularly lead, copper, alloys ( car wheels, alloy bicycles, farm gates etc are all vulnerable). Rural churches are going to be particularly vulnerable as this spate continues……..

These crimes are not victimless, and are having a huge impact on local communities, with criminals often targeting schools and places of worship in order to steal lead from roofing. Such premises have subsequently suffered significant water damage, as the theft has not been initially evident. Other instances include several thefts of farm gates, allowing livestock to escape, and items that have caused a danger to the public such as manhole covers, cabling from live systems, and rail track. Some small local manufacturing businesses have suffered significant financial loss, resulting from their newly fabricated high value specialist products being stolen purely to realize the metal content value.

We need our community to be vigilant and report suspicious activity, particularly people seen on roofs. Churches, old buildings and construction sites are particularly vulnerable. Please can you keep an eye on any such premises in your area. Thefts are happening at all times of the day and night. We need to catch these criminal in the act!!

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