Friday, 19 March 2010

Sulis Meadows works

The council has started work on tidying up Sulis Meadows, following the adoption by Crest. There have been a few concerns, this is what the council has to say.

"As you may be aware work has started on site to cut back the overgrown hedge and litterpick.

I am receiving a few complaints regarding this about cutting hedges when birds nesting season so I will clarify a few things.

It is not illegal to cut a hedge after 28th feb it is illegal to disturb birds nesting in hedges so our contractor is fully aware of the issue and will not disturb any nests if found.

Also Bartlett's tree services are removing trees from the open space on behalf of knightstone housing not the council, I have also received complaints regarding this."


Rotti said...

I had thought that farmers and anyone else in land management had to adhere to DEFRA rules and the Council is not exempt. And by the time you "find" a bird's nest surely it is too late and the damage is done? Is it really too much to ask for the Council to do it at the right time of the year like the farming community?

You should avoid trimming hedgerows between 1 March and 31 July (as required by the guidelines) – the main nesting season for birds. Exemptions apply if the hedgerow overhangs a public highway or public footpath, or if it obstructs the view of drivers.

It is best to leave trimming until the end of winter, but where it is impossible to get on the field at this time, trimming can be brought forward to early winter.

Ground cover at the hedge base should be retained over winter for ground-nesting birds.

It should also be noted that over-management – or trimming a hedge too severely – can have a detrimental effect on conservation. In general, taller, bushier hedgerows provide more wildlife potential than smaller, thinner hedges.

Odddown said...

It was a bit of a surprise the trimming was very dramatic, not something that I would have done, but we felt that residents should know what is going on bad or good