Friday, 19 March 2010

Kingsway roads

We have ask the executive councillor what is going on with the roads in Kngsway

1. Question from Councillor Nigel Roberts

With the announcement of extra money for road repairs could the Executive Councillor give an assurance that Kingsway's Roads will be repaired, as he knows I have raised this several times, and although repairs have been made after a few months the pot holes return?

Answer from Cabinet Member for Customer Services

Officers have needed to undertake supplementary inspections on many roads as a result of the severe winter damage. These inspections are being used to help form a proposed programme of works. Until I have received a detailed programme for approval I cannot advise Members which streets will be included. However, I will ensure that officers do give consideration the Kingsway roads. The proposed extra funding will enable significantly more roads to be resurfaced in 2010/11 but regrettably this additional funding will not be enough to deliver all the requests for resurfacing the Officers and Members receive.

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