Friday, 19 March 2010

Councillors take action to reduce traffic speeds in Odd Down

Odd Down Councillors Steve Hedges and Nigel Roberts will be using part of ‘their’ share of B&NES Council’s Ward Councillor’s Initiative Fund to help cut traffic speeds through Odd Down.The Ward Councillor’s Initiative Fund is a pilot scheme which allows local Councillors to respond quickly to local needs with small amounts of financial support. All B&NES Councillors will have the chance to allocate funding over the course of the pilot.

Councillor Hedges will allocate £4,000 for the financial year 2009/10 and Councillor Roberts will allocate £4,000 for the financial year 2010/11.

Councillor Hedges commented:

Nigel and I have talked to many Odd Down residents and they have told us that traffic and the speed of traffic entering Odd Down is their main concern.

We would have preferred to use the funding to create a 20 mph zone in the Kingway Estate, the Cranmore Estate or the Sulis Meadows Estate but this would cost too much.

Instead we are putting this year’s allocation into an electronic ‘Reduce Speed’ sign which will be placed by the large roundabout at Odd Down Park and Ride. The funding will also go to provide a number of 30 mph roundels [where?] to reinforce the speed limit and help prevent drivers from speeding into Odd Down.”

Councillor Nigel Roberts added:

We are pleased that the scheme we put forward has been approved and we are hopeful it will make life safer for residents on the Wellsway in Odd Down. Steve and I will be talking to residents about possible uses for the Ward Councillor’s Initiative Fund for the next financial year.”

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