Saturday, 24 October 2009

Damaged Barriers at Clarks

We have received this from the council.

"Regarding the damaged pedestrian barrier at Rush Hill. You are no doubt aware that the roundabout has not been accepted by the Council as yet and Persimmon Homes still has a responsibility for maintenance of their works including the pedestrian barrier. I am in touch with Persimmons agent over this and a number of other issues and will try to get the repairs carried out as soon as possible. I regret that I cannot put a time to when the work will be carried out. "

Bloomfield Road

There ahs been a lot of concern about Bloomfield Road and traffic problems. The council has now moved this local by-law - this is designed to try and make things easier.

"The effect of which will prohibit and restrict parking, create residents parking, a disabled parking bay and loading bay. The affected roads are Bloomfield Park, Bloomfield Road, Hensley Road, St Lukes Road and Wellsway, Bloomfield, Bath."

Unemployment in Odd Down

Isn't it about time the government did something about the bankers bonus and sorted out getting the economy started again.

Unemployment in Odd Down rose from 52 in September 2008 to 94 in October 2009

PACT priorities

PACT Priorities (13.10.09)
An Odd Down PACT Meeting took place on Tuesday 13th October at St Philips School.
The following priorities were agreed at that meeting.:
  • ASB (esp. Co-op and Upper Bloomfield Road)/Truancy
  • Speeding in Odd Down (cars and motorbikes)/Noisy vehicles
  • Dangerous parking near junctions (esp. Co-op)
  • Cleansing (emptying bins and more bins) playing fields/Bloomfield Drive bus stop

Bus lane mistake

They have found that the light reflective poles are the wrong way round.

Conservative say no to democracy

The Conservative-run B&NES Council is to cancel the forthcoming UK Youth Parliament Elections, which are due to take place in the authority in January.

Cllr Nigel Roberts said, "it is sad the Tories have cancelled the election, it shows there usual attitude towards democracy."

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Secretative Tories again

Reading the BBC web site came across this

As councillors we know nothing about it, already we have problems, looking at Wansdyke Road several pot holes have been marked to be filled in, but several other have been missed. We all know what that means rather than filling in all of the pot holes, it means another trip imagine this now with education or care for the elderly

Bench in Rush Hill

The bench at the top of Rush Hill has still yet to be repaired, we have reported again to the council.

Friday, 9 October 2009

BRT update - another wrong decision

Regretfully the Government has decided not to look at the road to nowhere, we are now saddled with a bad decision. The new houses Bath are going to get, as part of the housing strategy, is the other side of the river so to use this new road, all the traffic is going to be transported across the river, clear common sense.

How many Bath councillors voted for it 7 how many non Bath councillors voted for it 30 answers all of the questions.

A sad day for a lot of people that are going to lose their gardens and a sad day for Bath.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

20 is plenty - Bloomfield Drive

With Don Foster we have been looking to introduce a 20 mph zone for the Bloomfield Drive area, this goes along with the areas we are trying to get for Cranmore Place, Banwell Road if the Sainsbury's development goes ahead.

Old Fosse Road - weight restrictions

We have received this from the police, regarding school buses

Old Fosse Road - 7.5 Tonne Weight Restrictions

Prohibited Vehicles

The weight limit is governed by:

(Various Roads, Odd Down, Bath) (Prohibition of use by Heavy Commercial Vehicles of over 7.5 tonnes Maximum Gross Weight) Order 2007

This is implemented by BANES council.

It prohibits "Heavy Commercial Vehicles" as per their meaning under S.138 Road Traffic Regulation Act.

This definition refers to "any goods vehicle which has an operating weight exceeding 7.5 tonnes" and

A school bus is not a goods vehicle and is permitted to use this road.

PACT meeting

The next PACT meeting is 13th October 2009 at St Philips School 7pm

Sainsbury's for Odd Down(4)

There is a possibility that the Sainsbury's application will come to the planning committee in November

New houses for B&NES(2) update

The council voted for the consultation to go ahead, meaning that the land around Sulis Meadows although not the first choice is still in the plan. We will be sending around a leaflet with more information.

Nigel and Steve voted against this as we have always done. We feel any houses will not be affordable and with no infrastructure is not acceptable.