Sunday, 16 August 2009

Sainsbury's for Odd Down(3)

The planning application has been made to the council. Application number is 09/02389/OUT

Proposal: Mixed use development comprising the erection of 1) a new foodstore and associated accesses including a new roundabout at Frome Road (no matters reserved for future consideration on this part) and, 2) the erection of a category 1 care home and a retirement home (appearance, landscaping, layout and scale reserved for future consideration on this part).

It is likely that the application will be considered by the planning committee of the council, later in the year, maybe October. There are public speaking times at the committee, if you wished to speak.

If you would like to write then write to:
Planning services Trimbridge House, Trim Street, Bath, BA1 2DP

1 comment:

jonathan said...

It is fantastic that hopefully we will have a Sainsburys in Odd down. One only needs to look at how busy the Tesco petrol station is to realise how badly we need a supermarket on this side of town.

However it is really sad that the 10 shops and sports hall planned have been scrapped. This would have given a new heart to odd down as well as provided for a lot of needed jobs.

I understand the traffic issues but with all the parked cars taken from Frome road surely this would help a great deal