Sunday, 19 July 2009

Bus lane - update

It is a disappoint answer. This was designed to have a camera, it is a license for those that disobey the law to get away with it.

Question from: Councillor Nigel Roberts
a) What is being done to enforce the bus lane on the A367 near the Odd Down
Park and Ride ?
b) I understand that there is a camera on the bus lane, but what is there to stop drivers using part of the lane and then cutting back into the traffic before the camera ?

Answer from: Councillor Charles Gerrish
We are currently procuring ANPR enforcement cameras for our existing bus
lanes to improve compliance.
Cameras will be sited at points where we believe they will encourage optimum
compliance. Experience suggests that the vast majority of drivers will observe the bus lane restrictions. However abuse of the bus lanes by drivers will be
monitored and if it proves to be a major problem we will consider additional
enforcement options, such as cameras on buses.

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