Sunday, 26 July 2009

Oolite Road

We have asked the council to put in 30 mph roundels to remind motorists this is a 30 mph zone. We understand this is to happen shortly

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Surgery 10 years old

Our weekly surgery is now 10 years old, to celebrate next week Don Foster is coming to the surgery.
Don said:

I was with Steve and Nigel for their first advice surgery ten years ago and I’m looking forward to helping them celebrate this marathon achievement.”

Come along, even if you don't have a problem.

Pot holes in Kingsway

We got fed up with asking about pot holes in Kingsway. We will wait to see if anything is done, the email said something was to happen !

Question from: Councillor Nigel Roberts
a) What is the cost per meter for filling in pot holes in comparison to the cost of
re-surfacing a road?
b) What was the total spent on re-surfacing roads in 2008/9 and what is the
expected amount in 2009/10?
c) Please could the executive member carry out urgent action to deal with all of
the potholes in Kingsway, or alternatively arrange for a reduction in council tax for those residents affected?

Answer from: Councillor Charles Gerrish
a) The average cost for filling a pothole in the UK (Exc. London) has been
calculated as £67 by the Asphalt Industries Alliance. Using our current contract we have estimated that it would cost us in the region of £38. For carriageway resurfacing the all in cost is £12 per square metre not including for sites where tar bound material exists.
b) Our carriageway structural maintenance and surface dressing budget for
2008/09 was £1.8 million and for 2009/10 the anticipated spend is £2.45 million
inclusive of a £436k DfT Capital Grant.
c) I have separately exchanged e-mails with Cllr Roberts on this matter

Bus lane - update

It is a disappoint answer. This was designed to have a camera, it is a license for those that disobey the law to get away with it.

Question from: Councillor Nigel Roberts
a) What is being done to enforce the bus lane on the A367 near the Odd Down
Park and Ride ?
b) I understand that there is a camera on the bus lane, but what is there to stop drivers using part of the lane and then cutting back into the traffic before the camera ?

Answer from: Councillor Charles Gerrish
We are currently procuring ANPR enforcement cameras for our existing bus
lanes to improve compliance.
Cameras will be sited at points where we believe they will encourage optimum
compliance. Experience suggests that the vast majority of drivers will observe the bus lane restrictions. However abuse of the bus lanes by drivers will be
monitored and if it proves to be a major problem we will consider additional
enforcement options, such as cameras on buses.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Majority say NO to building a supermarket on the Hayesfield Land

We have had all of the results of the survey we put out regarding the Hayesfield Land.

The majority of people that returned the survey did not want a supermarket to be built. There was a lot of concerns about traffic and that " it was already to busy now"

A lot of people asked why Sainsbury's ? The council has no choice, the land is owned by a private company it is up to them who they invite.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Honey bees

We received this from the soil association.

Neonicotinoids are killing the honeybees.

Please join the campaign to ban neonicotinoids.

Click the link below to take action and sign the petition:

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Community Cashback

Community Cashback is a new scheme in England and Wales which gives local people a say in how £4million of recovered criminal assets (for example confiscated cash or property) should be spent in their communities.

Any thoughts in Odd Down ?

Path at Lodge Gardens

The path has been damaged, possibly by the refuse lorries. This has been reported to Somer HCT to be repaired.