Monday, 18 May 2009

Secondary School Transport

A group was set up to campaign for better school transport. They asked for this email to be circulated.

Campaign update: Cabinet members' feeble responses to the recommendations for change made in Secondary School Transport review

We've had a chance to take a look at the Cabinet members' responses to the recommendations made by the Council's Children and Young People's Overview & Scrutiny panel. These are due to be delivered in person by the Cabinet members to the panel at tonight's meeting (6pm, Guildhall).

Their responses are extremely disappointing. As it was, we felt the recommendations were fairly tame and only went part of the way towards solving the current problems - and the Cabinet members are still rejecting and deferring recommendations. And even where they seem to be accepting recommendations, they attach so many provisos that it look as though very little will change soon... or ever, if this administration has its way.

We don't understand why the Cabinet members find it impossible to back the recommendations made by their own expert panel. The panel, charged by the Council, has spent months investigating the situation and researching creative solutions. But the Cabinet members, not a part of the review process, now have all the power to make the final decision - and they show no commitment to tackling the problems of overpricing, unreliability and lack of safety experienced by our children.

The Cabinet members are 'allowed' to change their responses tonight. Please come and help show them how important it is that they do so. We need to show them that this is not good enough by voicing our disappointment tonight.

If you feel that school transport is poor, we do, we can put in touch with the campaign.

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