Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Works outside of Fullers Earth

We have had this from one of the council's officers

The main construction work for the Odd Down Bus Lane is to start on 16th March and programmed to take 12 weeks to complete. However, to accommodate a number of ecological and archaeological constraints it has been necessary to undertake some preparatory work in advance of the main construction. The preparatory work includes removal of the screen planting adjacent to the roundabout together with portions of the existing boundary hedge on the Fosseway to a temporary holding area within the Odd Down Park & Ride site. The intension being to transplant the screening trees and hedge alongside the new bus lane during the coming autumn period. Supplementary planting will also be undertaken.

The recently erected fencing defines the temporary working area required by our contractors to undertake the construction works. On completion of the contract and reinstatement of the agricultural land this fencing will be removed.


F1nk said...

So can someone please give me more details about this 'bus lane'
It is what is says on the tin...a bus lane?

F1nk said...

can someone please give me more information with regards to new bus lane. I guess this is a vain attempt to ease the congestion heading into Bath every morning.I have traveled this route in and out of Bath for 20 years+ and quite honestly i do not think a bus lane is required. How will this ease the congestion at the 'Titfield Thunderbolt' at Dunkerton? How will this stop everyone taking the rat run at the bottom of Dunkerton hill and coming out at the back of the park and ride..causing more congestion?
For the love of God i hope that the 'Bus lane' is in fact an additional lane for rush hour traffic. Oh and whilst I'm in a rant mood...what the bloody hell is going on with the parking at the RUH?..absolute disgrace. As a friend of one of the workers who has to pay to park at her place of work (stealth tax by the local health authority!)..and will take the parking space of a visitor..or..can take the park and ride BUT because of congestion take 1 hour+ to go from MSN to the park and ride!!!! Here is a corker of an idea if you want to make friends and voters, why not provide a park and ride service for the RUH from the closest park and ride to the hospital i.e Newbridge...clever aint it!

Odddown said...

Yes it will be a bus lane, it is supposed to have a camera on it to enforce it.