Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Re-surfacing Kingsway

We have been trying to get something done about the dreadful state of the roads in the Kingsway area. We feel the continual patching is not good enough it must be more cost effective to re-surface.

Here is our question and the the councillors in charge of highways reply

a) The roadways in Kingsway are in a poor state, please could the executive
member indicate when these are due for re-surfacing?
b) What assessment is made of the cost effectiveness of patching versus total

a) The carriageway resurfacing programme is undertaken on a priority needs basis. At present there are no proposals to resurface the carriageways in
Kingsway. The roads are subject to an annual safety inspection, further routine inspections and inspections carried out in response to any complaints received.
Any defects that warrant attention are programmed for repair and any ad hoc defects reported by the public in between inspections are checked and repaired if
necessary. The Highway Inspector responsible for these streets has been asked to undertake an additional inspection of Kingsway and ensure that any defects
are attended to.
b) Actual costs will vary according to the location. In general terms, patching is considered to be at least four times more expensive per square metre than
resurfacing in overall cost. Repetitive patching of a street also impacts on congestion and creates disruption in streets. However, defects in our highways
can appear at very short notice especially during inclement weather. In such circumstances patching becomes essential to keep the highway safe and reduce
the risk of claims against the Council. Officers are developing a Transportation Asset Management Plan with the neighbouring Councils (a Joint Local Transport
Plan objective) and are investigating systems that will facilitate the most cost effective maintenance of the network. This work will ensure the network is
proactively managed and reactive patching and pothole repairs is kept to a minimum.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Street scape consultation

The council is carrying out a consultation about the street scape in council terms the public realm.

Long over due, so little has been spent on things such as benches the place is such a patch work quilt.

This is what it says.

This would treat the public realm as a canvas on which to establish:

  • a more healthier, more vibrant and inclusive public life;
  • a more dynamic and successful economic life;
  • a more distinctive and creative identity for the city;
  • Bath as the UK's most walkable city.

Sunday, 4 January 2009