Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Waste update from the council

The council today said:

Council Refuse and recycling collection teams are working and collected from main roads this morning and will do from those side streets where pavements are not too icy later on. If residents' waste is not collected as scheduled today they are reminded to take it back off the pavement and put it out for next Tuesday's collection. The Council plans to catch up on those collections missed yesterday (Monday) later this week if conditions are suitable

Wards affected today:














Sunday, 20 December 2009

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

holes in road in Kingsway again

We have had to complain again about holes in the road, surely it would be cheaper to have re-surfaced the whole road.

These were holes that had been patched before that were breaking up.

Ambleside Road/Marsden Road junction seems worse the worse

Don Foster MP comments on announcement of Public Inquiry into Bath Transportation package

“Right from the outset I have argued that more research was needed into these proposals. When I spoke at a Council meeting in September 2008 I expressed my concerns that this project had been tackled the wrong way round, and that consultation with residents had been far from adequate.

“However, the Council refused to listen to my concerns and is now faced with the real possibility of losing almost £60million. Had they gone about the task properly right from the start then we wouldn’t be in this situation.

“Congestion is a huge problem in Bath, what we need are some common sense solutions to deal with traffic issues in the city, such as prioritising getting our children on buses to school.”

Residents see red over blue bags

The blue bags for putting out cardboard waste, have come to Odd Down, well all over Odd Down, we have heard back from a number of residents without bags, if that is you call 394041.

We can't see how it can help, and what about the cost ?

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Forest of Avon

This organisation was support by the council, but recently funding was withdrawn, another cut with out thought by the current council, they planted over 1 million trees.

From the ashes has started a new organisation http://www.forestofavon.org.uk/ as a charitable trust.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Extra houses for Odd Down

To be even handed - we have received this regarding building on

"The Proposed New Neighbourhood in an Urban Extension to South/South West Bath: An opportunity to assess and discuss option SWB2 on the Odd Down plateau. Exhibition open on Friday 4th December and Tuesday 8th December 2009."

The land and the exhibition may be accessed off South Stoke Lane where there will be signage to direct you. The nearest bus stop is at the Cross Keys (Service Number13) followed by a walk down South Stoke Lane and thence along the private roadway as signed. Those from Odd Down and South Stoke will be familiar with access via the Public Footpath network, and for those arriving by car there will be plentiful parking space. You are recommended to bring appropriate footwear should you wish to look over the land.

Nick Clegg to hold town hall meeting in Bath

Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg is inviting the people of Bath to tell him what they think about fixing the economy and rebuilding trust in politics.

Bringing his series of ‘Nick Clegg meets…’ town hall meetings to Bath on Thursday 7th January, Nick Clegg will discuss with local people the issues that matter most to them.

Chaired by local MP Don Foster the meeting is open to everyone to attend to ask any question to Nick Clegg they would like. The meeting will be held at St Michael’s Without, Broad Street from 6.30pm-7.45pm.

Upon becoming Leader in December 2007, Nick Clegg spoke of creating a new type of politics: open, accessible, and helpful in people’s everyday lives. This direct conversation with people is part of that people’s politics – no spin, no hand-picked audiences, and no planted questions.

People will soon be able to register for tickets at http://meet.nickclegg.com.

Nick Clegg said:

“I am looking forward to having a discussion with the people of Bath about problems they are facing and how together we can solve them.

“Since becoming leader of the Liberal Democrats I have travelled up and down the country listening to the concerns of thousands of people and families.

“It is now more important than ever for politicians to get out of Westminster and engage with people about how to rebuild our economy and restore trust in politics.”

Commenting further, Bath MP Don Foster said:

“I am sure that the residents of Bath will relish the opportunity to discuss the issues they care most about with Nick.

“I know that Nick will be interested to learn about the problems faced by people, like the need for improved public transport and the nuisance caused by urban gulls.”

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Wet House - Conservative B&NES council not listening

Councillors on Bath and North East Somerset Council had the opportunity to hear statements from members of the public about the proposed hostel and wet house near Kingsmead Square, at full council.

The Liberal Democrat Councillors were disappointed when the ruling Conservative Group refused to hold a debate on the topic.

Nearly all the business owners and residents who came to speak mentioned the lack of consultation and engagement from the Council. Residents may begin to wonder whether there is more information which will impact businesses and the community which is so far being held back.

Burnt House Cottages

The cottages have been empty for a while, since Western Challenge pulled out from buying them. They look a bit of a mess now. We have asked the council to see what can be done.

Council got it wrong again

Bath and North East Somerset Council has spent nearly £150,000 on publicity relating to the Bath Transport Package and BRT scheme, it has been revealed this week.

Cllr Nigel Roberts quizzed the Cabinet member responsible for transport at Council this week and found that total spending thus far on publicity relating to the BTP including the BRT scheme was £145,136.51.

However, only £30,819 has been spent on publicising the Core Strategy consultation programme so far this year, despite the fact that the Core Strategy is arguably the most important issue facing the Council in its current term.

Councillor Roberts commented:

I do find it disappointing that there is such an imbalance in the funding dedicated to publicity. Yes, the transport package is important and the Council should be communicating with residents about it, but the Core Strategy is going to affect the whole of the district for the next 20 years.

The Council must do more to reach out to all parts of the community and communicate the importance of this consultation, which will influence the location of housing, land allocated for business use and other issues for years to come.”

Verges in Old Fosse Road damaged

We have asked the council to look at what can be done to stop the verges in Old Fosse Road being churned up

Oolite Road - rubbish

With all of the high winds Oolite Road seems to be suffered badly with rubbish, we have asked the council to sweep it up.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Rush Hill Speeding Traffic

Cllr Nigel Roberts asked the following question at the recent full council - Rush Hill is difficult as physical things to slow traffic down, like sleeping policemen, are difficult due to the gradients.

Maybe something is going to happen.

Rush Hill has a problem with speeding traffic. Rush Hill as a result of the speeding traffic has had a number of accidents, please could the Executive Member detail the total number of accidents in Rush Hill and indicate what measures his department are planning to reduce speed?

Answer from Cabinet Member for Customer Services

Accident records show that in the latest 3 year period, a total of 3 injury accidents (2 slight and 1 serious) have been recorded on Rush Hill between Englishcombe Lane and Old Fosse Road. The 5 year record indicates 12 injury accidents on this length of road, however apart from one accident at the junction with Old Fosse Road, all the accidents were concentrated on the level section between Englishcombe Lane and the eastern end of Culverhay School. No injury accidents have been recorded on the steeply graded length of road between the school and Old Fosse Road during that 5 year period.

No speed data exists for Rush Hill, however speed counts will be arranged for both the level and steeply graded sections. Action to address speeding issues will be dependant on the results of these surveys.

A brief has been forwarded to our Design Group to investigate the possibility of constructing a mini-roundabout at the junction of Rush Hill and Englishcombe Lane, which, if feasible, will have a speed-reducing effect on vehicles at this point.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Spa update

The following press release has been released by the council

Following a mediation and extensive three way discussions between Bath & North East Somerset Council (B&NES); Carillion plc (which acquired Mowlem plc, the main contractor on the Bath Spa project, in February 2006); and Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners (("NGP") the project architect), the three parties have agreed to a settlement of the litigation between them over the Bath Spa project.

The settlement agreement provides for net payments to be made to the Council towards its Spa-related costs by both Carillion and NGP. The payment by Carillion takes account of its own financial claim against B&NES.

All three parties agree that the settlement reflects a sensible recognition of the costs and uncertainties associated with pursuing litigation.

Finally a millenium projct has finished

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Traffic measures at Christmas

Some of the measures designed to improve the flow of traffic around the city area are:

Variable Message Signing will be used on all the major routes giving travel advice to drivers, like availability of car parking;

No right-hand turns in or out of Charlotte Street car park for drivers from 25 November to relieve congestion and help stop traffic jams;

Sunday Park and Ride for a further six Sunday’s and operating until 9.30pm on fifteen evenings in the run-up to Christmas;

Increased patrols by Civil Enforcement Officers to ensure responsible, safe parking by drivers.

Embargoed all road works except for emergencies.

For the Bath Christmas Market, coaches must registered to use designated drop-off points and park at one of the designated coach parks. There will be:

Better arrangements for coaches travelling to Bath. New traffic orders for North Parade, Orange Grove, High Street, and Grand Parade mean coaches not registered will be moved on;

Restrictions to coach parking on Bathwick Hill, Bear Flats and the inbound carriageway of Wellsway will ensure the normal bus and vehicle traffic isn’t hindered and minimise any inconvenience to residents from coaches parking on the edge of private properties;

Vigorous enforcement of minibuses coming to the city that have not registered.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Don asks Minister why House of Commons won’t sign up to 10:10

Bath’s Lib Dem MP Don Foster asked the government Minister why she wasn’t prepared to sign the House of Commons up to the 10:10 campaign.

Don has signed up to the campaign himself, which calls for individuals, organizations and businesses to reduce their carbon output by 10% in 2010. The government is calling on people to sign up, but isn’t prepared to itself!

Don said, “The government should be taking a lead on climate change issues, and shouldn’t be seen as merely lecturing to others. That’s why I questioned the Minister as to why she wouldn’t back the House of Commons signing up to the 10:10 campaign.”

You can read Don’s question to the Minister by clicking the link.


Monday, 2 November 2009

Good News on the Recycling Front

Ever since we started collecting plastic bottles residents have been asking what about yoghurt pots and food trays. Ever since we started the garden waste collection residents have been asking for cardboard to be made weekly.

Well the good news is that from Monday 30th November the weekly collection is being expanded to include cardboard and household plastic packaging for recycling. This will help reduce the amount of our waste going to landfill and reduce our carbon footprint. It should also help reduce the amount of missed cardboard collection that has happened in several areas either because it has been put out on the wrong day or because the cardboard has been wrapped wrongly. It should also help areas that have been missed completely when the move to same day collection started.

Between 16th and 27th November 2009 the Council will deliver a leaflet about the changes along with a blue weatherproof bag - for cardboard and brown paper only - to every household covered by the green box recycling scheme. It is important that cardboard is kept separate from the newspapers and other kinds of paper that residents put in their recycling box because they are recycled separately. Once these new collections start, the Council will no longer collect cardboard mixed with the garden waste as this mix has become difficult to compost successfully.

Further information on what should be placed in the blue bag, recycling green box, and what types of plastic can be recycled is included in the Winter edition of Connect Magazine that will be distributed to all households across the district from mid-November. For more information about the new service, go to www.bathnes.gov.uk/cardboardandplastic or contact Council Connect on 01225 39 40 41 or councilconnect@bathnes.gov.uk

The bad news of course is that we still have to wait for Autumn 2011 before food waste is collected separately. This had been scheduled for Spring 2008 but has been delayed. It is the food waste in the bags that attract various wildlife to tear open the bags and spill mess everywhere.

To pay for it our Conservative Council will be increasing the garden waste collection service. It would be better if they abandoned their plans to build new Council offices in Keynsham!!!

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Damaged Barriers at Clarks

We have received this from the council.

"Regarding the damaged pedestrian barrier at Rush Hill. You are no doubt aware that the roundabout has not been accepted by the Council as yet and Persimmon Homes still has a responsibility for maintenance of their works including the pedestrian barrier. I am in touch with Persimmons agent over this and a number of other issues and will try to get the repairs carried out as soon as possible. I regret that I cannot put a time to when the work will be carried out. "

Bloomfield Road

There ahs been a lot of concern about Bloomfield Road and traffic problems. The council has now moved this local by-law - this is designed to try and make things easier.

"The effect of which will prohibit and restrict parking, create residents parking, a disabled parking bay and loading bay. The affected roads are Bloomfield Park, Bloomfield Road, Hensley Road, St Lukes Road and Wellsway, Bloomfield, Bath."

Unemployment in Odd Down

Isn't it about time the government did something about the bankers bonus and sorted out getting the economy started again.

Unemployment in Odd Down rose from 52 in September 2008 to 94 in October 2009

PACT priorities

PACT Priorities (13.10.09)
An Odd Down PACT Meeting took place on Tuesday 13th October at St Philips School.
The following priorities were agreed at that meeting.:
  • ASB (esp. Co-op and Upper Bloomfield Road)/Truancy
  • Speeding in Odd Down (cars and motorbikes)/Noisy vehicles
  • Dangerous parking near junctions (esp. Co-op)
  • Cleansing (emptying bins and more bins) playing fields/Bloomfield Drive bus stop

Bus lane mistake

They have found that the light reflective poles are the wrong way round.


Conservative say no to democracy

The Conservative-run B&NES Council is to cancel the forthcoming UK Youth Parliament Elections, which are due to take place in the authority in January.

Cllr Nigel Roberts said, "it is sad the Tories have cancelled the election, it shows there usual attitude towards democracy."

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Secretative Tories again

Reading the BBC web site came across this


As councillors we know nothing about it, already we have problems, looking at Wansdyke Road several pot holes have been marked to be filled in, but several other have been missed. We all know what that means rather than filling in all of the pot holes, it means another trip imagine this now with education or care for the elderly

Bench in Rush Hill

The bench at the top of Rush Hill has still yet to be repaired, we have reported again to the council.

Friday, 9 October 2009

BRT update - another wrong decision

Regretfully the Government has decided not to look at the road to nowhere, we are now saddled with a bad decision. The new houses Bath are going to get, as part of the housing strategy, is the other side of the river so to use this new road, all the traffic is going to be transported across the river, clear common sense.

How many Bath councillors voted for it 7 how many non Bath councillors voted for it 30 answers all of the questions.

A sad day for a lot of people that are going to lose their gardens and a sad day for Bath.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

20 is plenty - Bloomfield Drive

With Don Foster we have been looking to introduce a 20 mph zone for the Bloomfield Drive area, this goes along with the areas we are trying to get for Cranmore Place, Banwell Road if the Sainsbury's development goes ahead.

Old Fosse Road - weight restrictions

We have received this from the police, regarding school buses

Old Fosse Road - 7.5 Tonne Weight Restrictions

Prohibited Vehicles

The weight limit is governed by:

(Various Roads, Odd Down, Bath) (Prohibition of use by Heavy Commercial Vehicles of over 7.5 tonnes Maximum Gross Weight) Order 2007

This is implemented by BANES council.

It prohibits "Heavy Commercial Vehicles" as per their meaning under S.138 Road Traffic Regulation Act.

This definition refers to "any goods vehicle which has an operating weight exceeding 7.5 tonnes" and

A school bus is not a goods vehicle and is permitted to use this road.

PACT meeting

The next PACT meeting is 13th October 2009 at St Philips School 7pm

Sainsbury's for Odd Down(4)

There is a possibility that the Sainsbury's application will come to the planning committee in November

New houses for B&NES(2) update

The council voted for the consultation to go ahead, meaning that the land around Sulis Meadows although not the first choice is still in the plan. We will be sending around a leaflet with more information.

Nigel and Steve voted against this as we have always done. We feel any houses will not be affordable and with no infrastructure is not acceptable.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Street Lights alongside the Link School

One of the lights is full of flies, we have asked for it to be cleared

Railings at Noad's Corner

We have asked the council to repair the railings at Noad's Corner, the junction of Bloomfield Road and Frome Road.

We are chasing up the repair of the railings at Clark's

Lamp Post Old Fosse Road

The lamp post at Old Fosse Gardens alleyway to Clark's has been vandalised, having reported it hopefully the council has got it fixed.

Trees at Mendip Gardens

Recently a couple of trees in Mendip Gardens were felled, these had tree preservation orders on them, as a result there is a requirement to undertake replacement planting during the coming planting season ( approximately November - February )

Bicycle racks - none

A quick review in Odd Down shows no cycle racks, except at St. Philip's Church. We have asked the council to sort this out

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Council meeting 1 October

The council is considering extra houses around Bath on the 1 October. The area around Sulis Meadows has been made the second choice

The comments are:

As a result of our analysis option 2 is not recommended as the preferred option.
The main challenge for this location is that it is predominantely located within the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Potential ecological impacts and impact on the historic environment would need to be effectively mitigated. The more limited capacity at this location is also a key factor.

There will be if passed consultation from 19th October to 11th December 2009.

The papers are at http://www.bathnes.gov.uk/committee_papers/Council/CO091001/07Core%20Strategy%20Spatial%20Options.htm

Friday, 18 September 2009

Odd Down Community Association

We're pleased to announce that the new date for the Odd Down Centre first birthday celebration will be on Friday 13th November from7-9pm at the Odd Down Centre.
Preparations are underway and we hope the celebration will include food, a band and presentations from the groups who use the centre. There will also be a brief AGM and a special birthday cake.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

New venue for surgery

We are moving, we will be at St. Philip's institute on Frome Road from this Saturday.

With the Polish School moving to the Community Centre we can't operate at 10am any more.

Welcome to the Polish Community to Odd Down

Photo - of 10 years councillors surgery with Don Foster

Sunday, 6 September 2009

AWP - Mental Health Services

All NHS trusts have to foundation trusts, to do this they have to have members. Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership is having some meetings to explain what is going on.

Local mental health services - your chance to get involved

With one in four of us experiencing a mental health problem at any one time, mental wellbeing is everyone's business. Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership (AWP), which provides mental health and social care services for BANES, is planning to become an NHS Foundation Trust (FT).

Come and hear about our plans to run as an FT, share your views and sign up as a member. Members will help influence how we could improve our services. Anyone over 16 can become a member, whether a user of AWP's services, the carer of a service user, or simply if you care about mental wellbeing.

The closest meeting to us is

Saturday 19 September, St Luke's Church Centre, Bath: 1pm to 8pm

Transition Towns Bath

There is a motion to Full council on Thursday about Transition Towns, we shall be supporting it.

Over the next few decades, oil and other carbon fuel production will decline, and prices will rocket. We have to make the transition between an oil-fuelled economy to one existing on a fraction of our current usage. The path between the two could be a gradual and well-planned transition towards a different but positive life, or oil shocks, chaos and collapse. The choice is ours.

Bath has a movement http://www.transitionbath.org.uk/

Saga of missing bins

We have looked at this before on the blog the saga of missing bins. We have seen 3 on our rounds. The bin at the top Rush Hill has not been replaced, while aslo there is one missing outside of Culverhay School, they normally get heavy use !

Also one missing in Kingsway next to the bus stop in Ambleside Road

Saturday, 5 September 2009

We Need Your Help To Improve Health and Wellbeing In Your Neighbourhood

The PCT is running an event

When: 8th September 7pm - 9pm Where: Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution, Queens Square, Bath.

EMail events@banes-pct.nhs.uk for details

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Bus lane - update(2)

The council is proposing more works, taken from a council press release.

Not sure that traffic is stacked up nose-to-tail most of the day. It is welcome that the works help the buses get through.

Traffic throughout much of the day, particularly during morning peak time, is stacked nose-to-tail on the A367. Bath & North East Somerset Council is proposing to install additional lengths of bus lane inbound to Bath City Centre, a junction signalisation allowing bus priority, and pedestrian improvements allowing safer crossing so that scheduled services and Odd Down Park and Ride Buses can travel past queues of traffic in moments getting passengers to Bath city centre more quickly and reliably. This will link with the existing half mile stretch of bus lane at Odd Down which benefits bus services coming from Peasedown St. John, Midsomer Norton, and Radstock by bypassing queues in moments.”

The actual works

· Additional inbound lengths of bus lane where Bear Flat approaches Wells Road and on the approach to the Wellsway/Hatfield Rd/Greenway Lane junction with signalisation of this junction to allow bus priority, and improved pedestrian crossing facilities to increase safety;

· Short length of bus lane at the lower end of Bloomfield Road allowing buses to have priority when merging with the Wellsway at Bear Flat;

· A new pedestrian refuge will also be provided at Bear Flat, allowing safer crossing of the road adjacent to an upgraded bus stop.

Seven points are dealt with by the Council in the consultation – parking on Bloomfield Road and Hatfield Road, loading at Bear Flat, congestion, speeding, left-only at Bloomfield Road, southern travel on Entry Hill, and assessment for the need of any pedestrian crossings. Residents are being asked to give their views by September 11th, let us know or contact the council transportation section. councilconnect@bathnes.gov.uk

Subsidised bus routes - 178

The council pays for certain bus routes the principal bus route for Odd Down is the 178, through to Pease Down St John and then Paulton.

If you have any comments please contact us. Alternatively if you feel there is a need for any other bus routes please contact us.

This doesn't affect the 14 or the park and ride.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Bloomfield Road

Although not in Odd Down ward, there have been a number of concerns about Bloomfield Road and parked cars. There are plans being consulted about, including traffic lights at Hatfield, and loading bays at Bear Flat

The council is looking to put in a bus lane along the Wellsway.

If you want more information please contact us.

St Gregory's School Sixth Form

St Gregory's School is looking to create a sixth form. This is a logical expansion for a successful school.

It is intending to use the land opposite the school, currently owned by Crest, to build the sixth form.

The school has a web page for the consultation, currently there is no new information.


Regional BMX meeting 2009

There is to be another regional meeting, September 6th on the Tumps

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

More housing for Bath

There is a council meeting on 1 October to discuss where we are putting the 1500 extra houses on the side of Bath, Odd Down is likely to be one option.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Don Foster at the The Green

Don has had the chance to go and look at the doors and windows at the Green. Somer really need to change these to make the flats more energy efficient.

Rush Hill closures

We have received this from the council about Rush Hill

Section 2: Rush Hill (Bath)from outside of property number 68, in a southerly direction to approximately 20 metres north of the roundabout at its junction with Frome Road / Old Fosse Road.

Phase 3:
the section of carriageway from outside of property number 68, in a south easterly direction to approximately 25 metres north west of Somerdale View, where reconstruction / resurfacing will be undertaken under a temporary road closure between 0700 and 1900 hours Friday 21st, Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th August.

Phase 4:
continuing on from Phase 3 to approximately 20 metres north of the Frome Road / Old Fosse Road roundabout, the reconstruction / resurfacing will be undertaken on the nights of 26th, 27th and 28th August under a temporary road closure between 1900 and 0700 hours.

Sainsbury's for Odd Down(3)

The planning application has been made to the council. Application number is 09/02389/OUT

Proposal: Mixed use development comprising the erection of 1) a new foodstore and associated accesses including a new roundabout at Frome Road (no matters reserved for future consideration on this part) and, 2) the erection of a category 1 care home and a retirement home (appearance, landscaping, layout and scale reserved for future consideration on this part).

It is likely that the application will be considered by the planning committee of the council, later in the year, maybe October. There are public speaking times at the committee, if you wished to speak.

If you would like to write then write to:
Planning services Trimbridge House, Trim Street, Bath, BA1 2DP

Sainbury's Video

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Oolite Road

We have asked the council to put in 30 mph roundels to remind motorists this is a 30 mph zone. We understand this is to happen shortly

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Surgery 10 years old

Our weekly surgery is now 10 years old, to celebrate next week Don Foster is coming to the surgery.
Don said:

I was with Steve and Nigel for their first advice surgery ten years ago and I’m looking forward to helping them celebrate this marathon achievement.”

Come along, even if you don't have a problem.

Pot holes in Kingsway

We got fed up with asking about pot holes in Kingsway. We will wait to see if anything is done, the email said something was to happen !

Question from: Councillor Nigel Roberts
a) What is the cost per meter for filling in pot holes in comparison to the cost of
re-surfacing a road?
b) What was the total spent on re-surfacing roads in 2008/9 and what is the
expected amount in 2009/10?
c) Please could the executive member carry out urgent action to deal with all of
the potholes in Kingsway, or alternatively arrange for a reduction in council tax for those residents affected?

Answer from: Councillor Charles Gerrish
a) The average cost for filling a pothole in the UK (Exc. London) has been
calculated as £67 by the Asphalt Industries Alliance. Using our current contract we have estimated that it would cost us in the region of £38. For carriageway resurfacing the all in cost is £12 per square metre not including for sites where tar bound material exists.
b) Our carriageway structural maintenance and surface dressing budget for
2008/09 was £1.8 million and for 2009/10 the anticipated spend is £2.45 million
inclusive of a £436k DfT Capital Grant.
c) I have separately exchanged e-mails with Cllr Roberts on this matter

Bus lane - update

It is a disappoint answer. This was designed to have a camera, it is a license for those that disobey the law to get away with it.

Question from: Councillor Nigel Roberts
a) What is being done to enforce the bus lane on the A367 near the Odd Down
Park and Ride ?
b) I understand that there is a camera on the bus lane, but what is there to stop drivers using part of the lane and then cutting back into the traffic before the camera ?

Answer from: Councillor Charles Gerrish
We are currently procuring ANPR enforcement cameras for our existing bus
lanes to improve compliance.
Cameras will be sited at points where we believe they will encourage optimum
compliance. Experience suggests that the vast majority of drivers will observe the bus lane restrictions. However abuse of the bus lanes by drivers will be
monitored and if it proves to be a major problem we will consider additional
enforcement options, such as cameras on buses.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Majority say NO to building a supermarket on the Hayesfield Land

We have had all of the results of the survey we put out regarding the Hayesfield Land.

The majority of people that returned the survey did not want a supermarket to be built. There was a lot of concerns about traffic and that " it was already to busy now"

A lot of people asked why Sainsbury's ? The council has no choice, the land is owned by a private company it is up to them who they invite.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Honey bees

We received this from the soil association.

Neonicotinoids are killing the honeybees.

Please join the campaign to ban neonicotinoids.

Click the link below to take action and sign the petition:


Sunday, 5 July 2009

Community Cashback

Community Cashback is a new scheme in England and Wales which gives local people a say in how £4million of recovered criminal assets (for example confiscated cash or property) should be spent in their communities.


Any thoughts in Odd Down ?

Path at Lodge Gardens

The path has been damaged, possibly by the refuse lorries. This has been reported to Somer HCT to be repaired.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Crossing Frome Road

We have just heard that the council has passed to contractors, they have 28 days to do the work

Monday, 22 June 2009

Crossing Frome Road - big pot holes

We have reported the crossing in Frome Road, opposite St. Philips school to the council. The surface has some big holes.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Somerdale View

We have been told by the council that Somerdale View is to have a sign installed that shows it is a cul-de-sac

Government view on housing numbers - wrong wrong wrong

There was a petition on the number 10 Downing Street web to stop the extra housing, that has potential to destroy our countryside.

If you want to see a picture of the destruction to the south of Bristol, which in Bath and North East Somerset.


In rejecting the petition the government makes many valid points, about the the amount of housing required, we know we need a lot more housing in Bath, there is a big waiting list for council housing, but they make such stupid and wrong statements it is laughable. A good example is:

"There is a significant gap between supply and rising demand for new homes For decades, the housing market failed to keep up with our ageing and growing population. This has led to significant problems of affordability, particularly for those seeking to buy their first home."

We can't see in Bath how anybody is going to buy their first home, unless there is a radical change in government policy. This is one of the many reasons why we oppose the housebuilding.

If you want to read the whole response


Next PACT Meeting

This will be 13th October 2009 St Philips School 7pm

RSS - postponed no more houses for now

It appears that due to a challenge in the courts, the number of houses to be built around Bath and the total to be built in Bath and North East Somerset will not be known for a while.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Roundabout at Clarks(Pulteney View)

We have asked the council about the roundabout at Clark's, apparently a small part is adopted. It is the remains from the previous land that was adopted, but the majority is not adopted.

We will have to wait until the whole estate is adopted for the grass to be cut

Clark (Pulteney View) adoption

We have received the following email from Persimmon
Having verified with our construction department we can advise that
Persimmon have completed all the estate roads, play area and public open
space on the Pultney View development in readiness to be handed over to
the council for maintenance.

We are unable to complete the main spine road on the development until
such time as the commercial areas have been completed. These are under
contract to a.n.other builder.

Once the commercial areas are complete Persimmon will complete the spine
road in order to handover to the council for maintenance.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Ambleside Road sign wrong ?

The sign at the junction of Ambleside Road and Georgian View looks like it is missing a vital word ! "Road"

Roads in Kingsway Urgent action required

We have been for a while complaining about the roads in Kingsway. Even though some work has been done, there are still many potholes. We feel it would be much cheaper to get the whole are re-surfaced.

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Police Pledge

We have received the police pledge document


To achieve this they more funding or to have even funding with other parts of the country.

Glass in Rush Hill

While on our travels we noticed the amount of glass near the junction of Englishcombe Lane and Rush Hill, this has been passed to Council Connect for action

Bench in Rush Hill

We have asked for the bench near the Clark's Roundabout to be repaired

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Park and Ride Good Friday

On Good Friday we had the problem of the park and ride buses queued up outside the park and ride at Odd Down. Someone had not told the parking services of the council that buses were running.

We have been assured that this won't happen again

NHS dental Survey

The council is reviewing NHS Dental services in the B&NES area. One of the areas the Members are particularly interested in exploring is that of dental services for children, and whether there are any health inequality issues affecting the way in which children can and do access NHS dental services.

An oral health survey carried out in 2006 in this area visited 55 schools and examined 1437 children aged 5-6 yrs old (77% of children). 36.7% of children were found to have decay with an average number of decayed missing or filled teeth of 1.58. This is slightly higher than the England average of 1.49. Dental decay in children is not however spread evenly across the authority. The survey found that there was a high correlation to the most deprived areas, and noted that the ward areas which have particularly high levels of decay (over 40% of children with a dmft of over 2.0) include Lyncombe, Keynsham North, Southdown, Twerton, Bathavon West, Odd Down, Radstock and Peasedown.

If you want to take part


Monday, 18 May 2009

Secondary School Transport

A group was set up to campaign for better school transport. They asked for this email to be circulated.

Campaign update: Cabinet members' feeble responses to the recommendations for change made in Secondary School Transport review

We've had a chance to take a look at the Cabinet members' responses to the recommendations made by the Council's Children and Young People's Overview & Scrutiny panel. These are due to be delivered in person by the Cabinet members to the panel at tonight's meeting (6pm, Guildhall).

Their responses are extremely disappointing. As it was, we felt the recommendations were fairly tame and only went part of the way towards solving the current problems - and the Cabinet members are still rejecting and deferring recommendations. And even where they seem to be accepting recommendations, they attach so many provisos that it look as though very little will change soon... or ever, if this administration has its way.

We don't understand why the Cabinet members find it impossible to back the recommendations made by their own expert panel. The panel, charged by the Council, has spent months investigating the situation and researching creative solutions. But the Cabinet members, not a part of the review process, now have all the power to make the final decision - and they show no commitment to tackling the problems of overpricing, unreliability and lack of safety experienced by our children.

The Cabinet members are 'allowed' to change their responses tonight. Please come and help show them how important it is that they do so. We need to show them that this is not good enough by voicing our disappointment tonight.

If you feel that school transport is poor, we do, we can put in touch with the campaign.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

New operator for the 20A/20C

Following Don Foster's efforts there is to be a new operator of the 20A/20C

Wessex Connect started yesterday, thanks to them for providing the service

You can see the timetable at this location


Sunday, 10 May 2009

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Old Fosse Road Rubbish

We have asked the council to remove the rubbish in Old Fosse Road, especially along the odd numbered side

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Changes to the bus service - 14

First are going to change the 14 on Saturdays from every 7/8 minutes between 08.00-14.00 to every 15 minutes

Pultney View Estate

The council has been in touch with the developers for quite a while about the adoption of the estate since 2006. The lawyers have talked to each other in February hopefully will now get moving.

Which will be first Sulis Meadows or Pultney View

Avon and Somerset Police miss out on £12million of funding

Bath MP Don Foster has slammed the Government after discovering that Avon and Somerset Constabulary is losing out on £12m of funding per year – the equivalent of around 300 new police officers.

Each year the Government calculates how much funding each force should receive, then applies dampening mechanisms which effectively remove millions of pounds from some areas. Avon and Somerset is one of the worst affected forces in England, with only three forces losing out on more money.

Commenting, Don said, “It is simply outrageous that our local police force is so underfunded. The Government itself admits that Avon and Somerset police should get £12 million more than they do.

“This equates to over 300 new officers on the beat, who could be protecting local residents and catching criminals.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Kingsway pot holes

Pot holes when marked up are supposed to be sorted out within 28 days.

As the pot holes in Kingsway have not yet been done, we have asked the council when these are going to be filled in.

Old Fosse Road Update March 2009

We have asked the officers to look at some speed counts between the humps.

There is a suggestion for a build up at the junction with Barrow Road, and/or a change in priority at the junction, this would mean traffic would have to slow at this point.

Please let us have your views.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Same Day Collection

We hav received this email about the changes in Waste Collection

Waste Day Change 8th June 2009

The Council is changing the waste collection day for households throughout the district from Monday 8th June 2009. The rubbish, recycling, cardboard and garden waste will all be collected on the same day of the week – although the cardboard and garden waste service will remain fortnightly.

This change is in direct response to residents who want a more convenient waste collection service and the need to increase recycling rates to meet the Council’s key priority of addressing the causes and effects of climate change.

Every household will receive notice of their new collection day in the post about 2 weeks before the changes take place. There may be small areas where it is not possible for us to make these changes for logistical reasons, but the vast majority of households will be covered by these changes.

To increase awareness of the change amongst residents, we have set up a webpage on the public website – www.bathnes.gov.uk/wastedaychange - dedicated to explaining the change, which also contains a number of Frequently Asked Questions.

Please email us if you are aware of any streets in your ward saying where and why waste collections on the same day may be difficult – or if you have any queries about the Waste Day Change in relation to your local community.

The officer is email = Kate_Hobson at BATHNES.GOV.UK

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Works outside of Fullers Earth

We have had this from one of the council's officers

The main construction work for the Odd Down Bus Lane is to start on 16th March and programmed to take 12 weeks to complete. However, to accommodate a number of ecological and archaeological constraints it has been necessary to undertake some preparatory work in advance of the main construction. The preparatory work includes removal of the screen planting adjacent to the roundabout together with portions of the existing boundary hedge on the Fosseway to a temporary holding area within the Odd Down Park & Ride site. The intension being to transplant the screening trees and hedge alongside the new bus lane during the coming autumn period. Supplementary planting will also be undertaken.

The recently erected fencing defines the temporary working area required by our contractors to undertake the construction works. On completion of the contract and reinstatement of the agricultural land this fencing will be removed.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Old Smiles building

This is what we think is happening to the old smiles building the location is not clear

Ward: Odd Down App Ref: 09/00378/FUL
Parish: N/A
Registered: 25th February 2009 Expiry Date: 22nd April 2009
Location: Martin McColls Upper Bloomfield Road Odd Down Bath BA2 2RX
Grid Ref: (E)373683 - (N)162401 LB Grade: N/A
Proposal: Change of use of existing shop (Use class A1) to takeaway/shop (Use Class A5/A1) and erection of external plant (roof adjacent Frome Road)
Officer: Chris Beak

Thursday, 26 February 2009


To help aid further to communication we have set up a twitter account.

If you are not sure what Twitter is this is what wikipedia says about it.

Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows its users to send and read other users' updates (known as tweets), which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length.

Updates are displayed on the user's profile page and delivered to other users who have signed up to receive them

Mine is http://twitter.com/njr2801

Empty Homes

With the a big waiting list we are interested in any homes that have been empty for a while in the area.

Please contact one of us

New houses for B&NES(2)

This still runs on in the background the Government is still to make a decision.

This is to build 200 extra unaffordable houses on the outskirts of Bath, possibly Odd Down.

A Liberal Democrat in Worcester has put up a petition on the No. 10 Website


Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Buses idling at the Green

We have been told, by First Bus, that buses when stopped at the Green for any time should have their engines turned off. If find a bus still with its engine on and you want to complain let us know and we will pass it on.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Sign Kingsfield

We have asked for the sign at Kingsfield/Ambleside Road junction to be cleaned

Fosse Gardens - rubbish

There is again a lot of rubbish at the end of Fosse Gardens. We have asked the council to ask Knightstone to get the rubbish removed.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Re-surfacing Kingsway

We have been trying to get something done about the dreadful state of the roads in the Kingsway area. We feel the continual patching is not good enough it must be more cost effective to re-surface.

Here is our question and the the councillors in charge of highways reply

a) The roadways in Kingsway are in a poor state, please could the executive
member indicate when these are due for re-surfacing?
b) What assessment is made of the cost effectiveness of patching versus total

a) The carriageway resurfacing programme is undertaken on a priority needs basis. At present there are no proposals to resurface the carriageways in
Kingsway. The roads are subject to an annual safety inspection, further routine inspections and inspections carried out in response to any complaints received.
Any defects that warrant attention are programmed for repair and any ad hoc defects reported by the public in between inspections are checked and repaired if
necessary. The Highway Inspector responsible for these streets has been asked to undertake an additional inspection of Kingsway and ensure that any defects
are attended to.
b) Actual costs will vary according to the location. In general terms, patching is considered to be at least four times more expensive per square metre than
resurfacing in overall cost. Repetitive patching of a street also impacts on congestion and creates disruption in streets. However, defects in our highways
can appear at very short notice especially during inclement weather. In such circumstances patching becomes essential to keep the highway safe and reduce
the risk of claims against the Council. Officers are developing a Transportation Asset Management Plan with the neighbouring Councils (a Joint Local Transport
Plan objective) and are investigating systems that will facilitate the most cost effective maintenance of the network. This work will ensure the network is
proactively managed and reactive patching and pothole repairs is kept to a minimum.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Street scape consultation

The council is carrying out a consultation about the street scape in council terms the public realm.

Long over due, so little has been spent on things such as benches the place is such a patch work quilt.

This is what it says.

This would treat the public realm as a canvas on which to establish:

  • a more healthier, more vibrant and inclusive public life;
  • a more dynamic and successful economic life;
  • a more distinctive and creative identity for the city;
  • Bath as the UK's most walkable city.

Sunday, 4 January 2009