Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Happy Christmas

Steve and Nigel would like to wish everyone a happy Christmas and good New Year

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Sign at Wansdyke Road(2)

Good news, it should be replaced by January

Yellow lines in Sulis Meadows

A resident alerted us to a problem with yellow lines at the entrance to Sulis Meadows. It is difficult to see how anyone can feel that this is a good job. We know the council officers are looking into the problem, how to see a solution shortly.

Council consultation on library charges

The Council os currently taking consultation from all people within Bath & North East Somerset regards the proposed library fees and charges for 2009/2010.
If you would like to take part in this consultation then please visit:

Please let us know what you think

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Fullers Earth wind turbine planning application

At yesterday's planning meeting the application for a wind turbine at Fullers Earth was withdrawn.

Yellow Lines proposed for Upper Bloomfield Road and Oolite Road(2)

It appears now that the council isn't going to put down yellow lines. It seemed like a good idea to us, we are investigating.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Old Fosse Road Update December 2008(2)

We have had the following reply back from the council officers.

Regarding the size and height of the speed cushions, the dimensions are governed by regulations i.e. the height of the speed cushion should not exceed 75 mm and the width of the cushion should be between 1600mm and 1900mm wide. At an early stage of consultation regarding the introduction of speed cushions to our road the Ambulance Service objected to any speed cushion that was more than 1600 mm wide as it affects the 'ride' of an ambulance and in some cases can damage certain important equipment under an ambulance. It was therefore decided that all speed cushions should be installed at 1600 mm wide. I will obtain the traffic speed data (before and after data) to you as soon as I receive it from the traffic data surveyor.
A 'raised junction' at Barrow Road/Old Fosse Road junction would be an effective method and location to reduce traffic speeds on Old Fosse Road. I will complete a Scheme Assessment form to include this proposal in the list for future funding.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

More trees in Kingsway

A group called more trees for Bath has been planting trees in Kingsway, they are all volunteers with support from O2. The trees and the labour are free.

They were out today planting, the area now has another 15 trees

If you want a tree please contact us, we feel that this is really a good idea, they still have a few left.

They have a web site in development at the moment, for more information

Signs again - this time Canons Close

Seems there is a spate of vandalising signs. This one has also been reported to the council.

Sign at Wansdyke Road

The council is saying it won't replace the sign as it is vandalised too often, they can't just leave it as it is, doesn't make sense.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Yellow Lines proposed for Upper Bloomfield Road and Oolite Road

The council is proposing yellow lines at the junction of Upper Bloomfield Road and Oolite Road if you want to see the plans click below.

Please let us know of any comments

Monday, 8 December 2008

Another possible Christmas present - local food calender

"The Bath Local Food Calendar 2009" is now available in bookstores throughout Bath and outlying areas and at the Farmer's Market. This is a truly local project: sown, grown, harvested, photographed, designed and printed in Bath and NE Somerset . The images and story focus on local recipes, suppliers, allotments, foraging, and composting.

It can be purchased at most bookstores in Bath, including Good Buy Books close to the Guildhall, or purchased directly at the Farmer's Market on a Saturday.

BMX track photographs

We have had this email from Steve Nippiard about the BMX event.

"just a note to let you know that after the south west regional race meeting at the Bath BMX track, in which a nine year regional entrants record was broke [192 riders]!, Bath BMX working with a professional photographer that was snapping that day, have produced a 2009 calendar.

17 glossy pictures, taken randomly, not posed for, represent the whole day, in colour and some black and white. this is also a Bath BMX track / club fundraiser, with the £2 profit from each sale going into the account. The print cost was quite high and the number printed is limited.

£8 each, or £9 posted available at outlets locally"

If you can't find please let us know and we will find you a copy.

Hayesfield sport Proposals

There is a demonstration of the plans Hayesfield has for the new sport proposals.

Saturday 13th December between 9.30 and 12.30 pm at the Upper School Canteen on Lower Oldfield Park

Old Fosse Road Update December 2008

Steve has met with the executive councillor with responsibility for highways to talk through the problem with the traffic calming in the road. Steve was able to show him traffic totally disregarding the speed limit.

Now to see if this has an effect

Missing bins

We seem to be having a number of bins go missing. We have reported the bins at Bloomfield Drive and the one in the picture at Noad's Corner missing.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Sulis Meadows adoption update (3)

Things are still moving, Crest are optimistic, things maybe looking like February 2009.

The date is important as if transferred before March it will allow the council to get on top of things before the growing season starts.

Bloomfield Drive - Bus Shelter

Yet again ! We have reported it to the council, it wasn't repaired last time, fingers crossed for this time.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Coaches at Odd Down playing fields - Update

One of teh council officer came back with a quick reply.

"I can advise that improved signage is due to be installed during this week which I hope will direct coaches up Wellsway. We have also briefed all marshalls at Avon Street Coach Park to advise coach drivers to use Wellsway rather than Bloomfield Road and we will monitor this situation prior to the weekend."