Sunday, 30 November 2008

Fullers earth council to take action

At its meeting in October the debelopment control decided to take action against the owners of Fullers Earth.

It doesn't mean the whole area will be closed down, just the areas of expansion.

The owners will have a right of appeal.

You can read the decision below

Coaches at Odd Down playing fields

We weren't happy with the original decision to park coaches on Odd Down playing fields. Part of the decision was that coaches shouldn't go up Bloomfield Road, that is also being ignored. We are chasing this up with the council

HGV's in Bath - council still not doing anything

As well as putting a weight limit on Cleveland Bridge, stopping Sat Nav companies from sending their lorries through Bath would help.

and North East Somerset Council officers had not been attending meetings of the South West Regional Freight Forum, where the scheme has been discussed and actively piloted by Somerset County Council.

Bath's MP Don Foster said, “This is a sensible, practical way of reducing the number of HGVs getting stuck on inappropriate routes in our city, and can also help to reduce through traffic. It is pleasing that these companies are willing to work with local communities to improve the service they provide.

“We need to find out more about this scheme and start playing catch up so that we can work with Somerset County Council in producing effective alternative routes. It is time that there was real action on this issue.”

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Bath Rapid Transport(BRT)

Full council considered the Bath Rapid Transit last Thursday, both of us voted to have an independent review. This was defeated by the Conservatives.

Why do we feel things are wrong ?

The route would mean that hundred's of houses are over looked by the route way, as the old railway is elevated above the gardens of all of the houses.

The cost of the route along the Lower Bristol Road has not been properly explored, the officers are putting forward such poor answers.

All the new houses if the Bath urban extension goes ahead are to the South of the river, the route is to the North of the River.

The costs are likely to be higher than estimated, so much hasn't be taken into account.

and, it will save two minutes on the journey time.

If you want to look at the objectors view use this link.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Notice boards

A lot goes on in Odd Down, it is just not many people get to hear about it. We feel a number of notice boards would help.

If you agree where could they go ? let us know.

If you want to see what we are thinking about something like these

Vandal proof, heavy duty

BMX calender

If you would like a BMX calender, the proceeds go towards the BMX track then you get a copy from John's Bikes in Walcot Street or Detour Skate store in Broad Street. Cost is £8

Sign at the Green, Wansdyke Road to be repaired

The sign at the Green has been replaced we are chasing up to find out what has happened to the repair to the sign at Wansdyke Road

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Odd Down Showcase

We attended the Odd Down showcase, an event that was held to showcase things that were going on in Odd Down. We were surprised at how much is going on.

The picture is us at the event, we hold the surgery every Saturday at the Community Centre, Odins Road between 10.00 and 11.00

Taxi Consultation

The council is carrying out a consultation about Taxi's if you want to take part you can download the questionnaire from

Email back to by 11 November