Sunday, 26 October 2008

20A/20C bus changes

There has been problems with this service and has recently been the subject of a Punctuality Improvement Partnership between First and the Council, which involved extensive surveying and analysis to identify the factors that seem to be affecting punctuality on the service.
The council has identified a number of factors that affect timetabling of the services and adapted the tender proposals to reflect this. This includes changes to the time allowed on different sections of route, some minor route changes, and a proposal to remove the call into the Sainsburys car park that can significantly delay the service as it queues behind cars looking for parking spaces. The council believes it has identified suitable and convenient alternatives for the route changes so inconvenience to passengers is minimised. Together with a wider review of handover and duty changes at the Bus Station by First, the council believes that these changes will enable the service to operate more reliably in the future.

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