Sunday, 14 September 2008

Sulis Meadows adoption update (2)

The council and the Crest are talking together, progress is being made. However, there are still things to sort out.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Signs vandalised Wansdyke Road the Green

We have reported the missing sign at the Green and vandalised sign at Wandsyke Road. It is disappointing that such petty vandalism occurs, and reinforces our view that there should be mobile CCTV in this area.

The other important issue is the police will allocate resources depending on calls. If no one phones up then the local team of Kim, Louise and Martyn will be left to deal with it. Calls can be made anonymously, we know it takes a while to get throughm but if something is happening now, it is a crime in progress dial 999.

Student housing

Liberal Democrats in Bath have long been calling for sensible approach to student housing by Government. On the one hand the Government are asking for outrageous numbers of new housing but then it refuses to count student housing. Bath is a small city and each family house that is taken over for multile let adds to the pressure on our housing stock. Yet if we built 400 student housing units and save 100 family houses the Government does not acknowledge the figures. Areas such Oldfield have large numbers of HMOs let to students.

The consultation process for the Regional Spatial Strategy, (which demands that 21,300 new homes are built in Bath and North East Somerset by 2026), has now begun and runs until the 24th October. Throughout this period, members of the public can voice their concerns to the Government over any aspect of the Government's plans for the South West.

Don Foster has raised this issue with the Secretary of State some time ago, and she pointed us towards the consultation process. However, the deadline is approaching, so it's important we act now

Please sign our petition at student housing link

Thursday, 4 September 2008


We are still asking the council to look at the height of the buildings. We believe that something should happen shortly. When we get more information we will post it here.

BRT where do we stand

We are not in favour of the bus rapid transit route which forms part of the Bath Transport Package; the Cabinet is considering a paper giving the Council the power to compulsorily purchase land to build the route.

Why on earth the Council is planning to build a new road, which requires land from people’s homes and causes a loss of green habitat. This new road will cost millions and they are not certain how much time it will save compared to the alternatives – no-one wants it except the Conservative Cabinet.

Further assessment of the need for this particular route should be carried out and the alternative routes looked at in more depth – we question whether this is an appropriate time to be moving towards a CPO when the alternative routes haven’t been looked at in sufficient detail. If the package can be changed to move the east of Bath park and ride, then it can be changed to drop this road to nowhere.