Sunday, 15 June 2008

Roundabouts again

This time good news, we received this email from the council's parks department who seem to have won the battle with the legal department. The sign is there ! It is just sad that things have taken so long.

"The sponsorship of our roundabouts has attracted some interest recently and I hope you will find this update helpful.
  • The Legal Agreement between the Council and the company seeking sponsors on our behalf (Marketing Force), has now been approved by the Council's Solicitor and is in the course of being completed.
  • Agreement has been reached between Environmental Services (Parks) and Planning over amended landscaping works and Planning have agreed that signage may be installed in advance of planting.
  • Two roundabouts now have sponsors in place and final preparations are taking place in advance of the signs going up later this week. These are the Odd Down Park & Ride and Midsomer Norton Tesco roundabouts. Tree and bulb planting will take place in the early Autumn.
  • The further 3 roundabouts for which advertising permission is in place (Odd Down Red Lion, London Road East (A46 bypass) and Bathford / Sally in the Woods) will shortly have signs going up inviting people to contact Marketing Force.
  • We will consider during the summer how to proceed with further sponsorship opportunities, including the newly detrunked section of the A4.
It is unfortunate that the final permissions have been granted at the time of year when it would not be suitable to carry out planting and other improvement works and we therefore had to decide whether to delay the associated signage until the improvement works are completed or to put the signs in place before the works have been completed. Following discussions with Planning, we have decided to install the signs first in order to demonstrate progress, obtain income and promote sponsorship opportunities to businesses."

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