Monday, 30 June 2008

Pact Proirities

- Anti Social Behaviour in Wansdyke Road
- Youth provision and investment
- Parking and obstruction issues around St Philips School and Neighbouring roads
- Bus routes / timings

Next Meeting
Thursday 16th October 2008 at St Phillips School Hall from 18:30hrs

Sulis Meadows adoption update

We have been speaking to Crest and to the Council about where we are with the adoption of the estate.

The comment from the council is:

"numerous issues need to be resolved, some of which must be agreed first with the Land Registry"

Unfortunately, still some way to go.

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Shelters damaged - Culverhay School

A different one this time, outside of Culverhay School. We have asked for this to be repaired.

Bath Youth Service - Council slated ?

The Council has undergone an OFSTED inspection of the youth service. A report will be available on the 30th of June. Our guess it won't be happy reading for our Conservative colleagues, especially after the savage cuts in the budget.

Still no sign of the youth workers promised by the council. They are still to be appointed.

Old Fosse Road traffic calming update June 2008

A speed count will be taken in the road in July, hopefully something will happen after that, to improve the current scheme.

Play areas - return to the Council

We have long though that the play areas, transferred to Somer, should return to the council. As part of this campaign Nigel has asked a question about the play areas at full council. A meeting between Somer and the council is to take place to discuss the way forward.

We have an online petition

We will keep you posted !

Monday, 23 June 2008

14 bus Odd Down subsidised route

There were some questions raised at the last PACT meeting about the subsidised buses run by First Bus.

The council officers have provided this answer.

"First Bus only payments they receive in respect of bus service 14 are for the last few trips in each direction late at night, which run with service number 714 to distinguish them from the others. This particular contract ends in 2009."

Wellsway Crossing

We received this from one of the Council's Officers

Re: Pedestrian Crossing Installation

A367 Wellsway, Bath (outside Burnt House Court) - Phase 2

I’m writing to inform you that the second phase of works to install the new pedestrian crossing is to start on site on Wednesday 25th June.

The works will involve the following:

1. Install detector loops into the highway,

2. Burn off the existing crossing markings and replace with the new layout,

3. Remove the existing beacon and posts,

4. Install the new signal heads.

The works are scheduled to last approximately 2 weeks from starting.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Ambleside Kingsway Street lights

The Street lights in Ambleside Road, near the junction with Kingsway have been reported to the council. The problem is due to Western Power, they have been given until the 26th June to sort out the problem.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Press Release about Clark's office building

We have issued this following press release

For immediate release:

Concern over height of office block

Odd Down Councillors Nigel Roberts and Steve Hedges are raising concerns about the new Clark’s office building with the Council. Residents in surrounding streets are not happy about the visual impact of the new offices that dominate the skyline.

Councillor Nigel Roberts commented:

When you look up from the surrounding roads, this new building dominates the skyline. I believe it looks too tall and residents have expressed the same concerns to me, especially in a world heritage city."

Cllr Steve Hedges added

There is supposed to be a landscaping scheme for the site, but I find it difficult to see what can be done to reduce the visual impact of such a big building.

We have contacted the Council's planning department to inform them of our concerns and our residents’ concerns over the height of the building and we are waiting the outcome of their investigations.”


Again, it appears that the council is looking into something that can deter the travellers from entering the park and ride.

zero waste week

The aim of the challenge is for residents to see how much they can reduce the amount they throw away over a week by trying to reduce, reuse, recycle and compost as much as possible instead.

"I am going to take part as we always do every year, it is challenge, but something we all need to do "

Cllr Nigel Roberts.

Bike Week

This year, Bike Week will take place between Saturday 14th and Sunday 22nd June 2008.

Bike Week is the UK's annual promotion of cycling with the aim to get more people on their bikes. The week also encourages people to consider cycling to work as an alternative to commuting by car and to reduce the number of unnecessary short car journeys.

FREE Bike Breakfast
Wednesday 18th June 8:00-9:30am
Breakfasts will be available in Bath, Keynsham and Radstock for cyclists.

A range of delicious breakfasts will be served (depending on venue) including pastries, egg and bacon rolls, and hot or cold drinks. FREE breakfasts for all cycle commuters will be available at the following venues:

KEYNSHAM - The Clock Tower Cafe
RADSTOCK - Tea & Trade Tea Rooms, Church Street
BATH - Abbey Square

Roundabouts again

This time good news, we received this email from the council's parks department who seem to have won the battle with the legal department. The sign is there ! It is just sad that things have taken so long.

"The sponsorship of our roundabouts has attracted some interest recently and I hope you will find this update helpful.
  • The Legal Agreement between the Council and the company seeking sponsors on our behalf (Marketing Force), has now been approved by the Council's Solicitor and is in the course of being completed.
  • Agreement has been reached between Environmental Services (Parks) and Planning over amended landscaping works and Planning have agreed that signage may be installed in advance of planting.
  • Two roundabouts now have sponsors in place and final preparations are taking place in advance of the signs going up later this week. These are the Odd Down Park & Ride and Midsomer Norton Tesco roundabouts. Tree and bulb planting will take place in the early Autumn.
  • The further 3 roundabouts for which advertising permission is in place (Odd Down Red Lion, London Road East (A46 bypass) and Bathford / Sally in the Woods) will shortly have signs going up inviting people to contact Marketing Force.
  • We will consider during the summer how to proceed with further sponsorship opportunities, including the newly detrunked section of the A4.
It is unfortunate that the final permissions have been granted at the time of year when it would not be suitable to carry out planting and other improvement works and we therefore had to decide whether to delay the associated signage until the improvement works are completed or to put the signs in place before the works have been completed. Following discussions with Planning, we have decided to install the signs first in order to demonstrate progress, obtain income and promote sponsorship opportunities to businesses."

Monday, 9 June 2008

Travellers (part5)

More travellers, what cost to the council tax payer for getting them off and to clear up.

We have asked Charles Gerrish, conservative executive Councillor, what is going to do about it.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Vernham Grove - play area

We understand that the council is discussing with Somer HCT about the play area returning to the Council.

In a walk about with the neighbourhood cleansing manager we looked at the parking bays, which are the responsibility of Somer HCT. We have asked for the council to look at enforcement action.

It remains our view that the play areas need to be returned to the council.

Our petition is

Fosse Gardens - bin

We have meet with the neighbourhood cleansing manager for the council in Fosse Gardens, as a results we have asked him to look at enforcement action to ensure the steps to Sulis Meadows are kept clean, and that a bin is installed, so there is no excuse to keep the area clean.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Bloomfield Drive - Bus Shelter

Yet again damaged, and yet again reported to the council. We have asked for a timetable just it case it isn't vandalised. If you have any information about the shelter please come to our surgery, which is held every Saturday 10-11 the Old Odd Down Youth Club. Often one of our local police team is present.