Thursday, 29 May 2008

Grass Cutting in Odd Down

Large areas of Odd Down has not had the grass cut. We have had complaints from Oolite Road, Wansdyke Road. There have been two reasons given, either the bad weather or lack of trained staff. We are investigating, and trying to get things moving.

Travellers (part4) Odd Down Park and Ride

There are more travellers on the Odd Down Park and Ride.

Yet more expense, luckily the Council officers are trying to stop this happening looking to see what can be done to improve security.

Monday, 26 May 2008

Bath Urban Extension - lots of more houses

We have created a new blog to highlight what is happening with the 1500 extra houses that are to be built as part of an urban extension to Bath.

In Odd Down the area of search is around Sulis Meadows, along Old Fosse Road and then along Rush Hill.

We don't welcome these houses, where ever you build it will be on Green Belt or in an area or outstanding natural beauty (AONB)

There is no new money to solve the current congestion.

We have added a few photographs to show the land that could be destroyed.

We are looking for your views

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Sulis Meadows Clean up Day

A successful clean up day was held in Sulis Meadows, so successful the van had to come three times to take everything away.

Thanks to Hugh Mckay Neighbourhood watch coordinator for Sulis Meadows and Louise Gould one of the PCSO's in Odd Down for organising the event.

Nigel was please to help, maybe pictures shortly.

We will be looking to do more clean ups in other parts of the Odd Down ward.

Bath area play project to move in

More good news in that Bath area play project (BAPP) are going to move into the youth club on the 2 June. This will mean there is a full time presence in the building Monday to Friday.

Community Association Launched

On Thursday the 22nd 40 people met in the old youth club to launch the Odd Down Community association. It is now up to the residents of Odd Down to make this a success after the council has let us down.

We heard from young people about what they wanted to do in the area, and from BAPP about their future in Odd Down

The first chairman will be Alan Bain, who has worked hard to get this off the ground.

Steve and Nigel are pleased to have played a part in the formation of the community association and will be working to make it a success.

Please contact us if you can help, more information shortly as the first meeting of the committee will be Thursday 29th.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Odd Down Community association

Odd Down Community organisation is going to be officially launched on Thursday 22 May at the youth club on Odins Road, please come along. Come and influence the way forward for the community in Odd Down.

Start time is 7 pm
Odd Down Community Association

The ODCA would meet 6 times a year or more often, usually in the evening and we would like to have as much involvement as possible –

  • perhaps you would like to take notes of the meetings and type them up?

  • Do you have a good awareness of figures and would like to help set up an account and help with budgets?

  • Perhaps you would just like to come to meetings and get involved in discussions and plans about the area.

Upper Bloomfield Road

A resident in the area has expressed concerns about the speed of traffic in Upper Bloomfield Road, we are investigating what can be done.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Travellers (part3)

We have had a reply back from the council.

"There were few bags of rubbish left were picked up with the normal refuse collection from the site. The cost was not identified but was minimal.

I understand that the recent encampment only lasted one day. The field adjoining the car parking area has been secured but unfortunate it is not really possible to secure the car parking area itself when the park and ride is operating."


The area of the Wellsway near the elderly person bungalows is to be re-surfaced.

Cllr Nigel Roberts said" This mess was created when the Burnt House was developed, hopefully the council is charging the developer for the damage."

Travellers (part2) left

The travellers have left, but it still leaves questions. It appears that they entered the P&R site during public hours, so what can be done to stop this happening again ? This is something the council really needs to consider.

The field behind the park and ride is to be ploughed, it should have been done earlier. We wait for a response.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Travellers again in Odd Down

Yet again travellers have got into Odd Down park and ride. We have asked the conservative executive councillor, in charge of this area, what is he going to do about stopping it happening. All that happens is it costs the council more money, on cleaning up and putting in security ? all of which is coming out of our council tax.

The good news is they are going to be given an eviction notice on Monday.

Monday, 5 May 2008

New Focus leaflet

New focus leaflet available