Sunday, 30 March 2008

Bloomfield Drive - Bin

There is something missing from the photograph as well as the glass, that is the bin that used to be there !

We have been chasing up the council for months, finally having lost patience we asked a question at full council. It is sad that it has to come to this.

Question for Council, 21st February 2002Question from Councillor Nigel Roberts

The bin at the top of Bloomfield Drive, the junction with Frome Road, has been missing for many months, please could the Executive Member tell the residents when it is going to be replaced?

The litter bin will be replaced this week, before the Council Meeting. We have increased the budget for new and replacement bins by making efficiency savings elsewhere.

Saturday, 29 March 2008

14 bus

We have received a number of replies. Apologies there was meant to be a "retain things as they are" box which was missed out.

If this is the option you favour please just write on the back.

Bus shelter Bloomfield Road

We have had this reply from the council

This bus shelter is owned and maintained by Clearchannel (Adshel). I will be contacting Clearchannel to advise them that it has been damaged and to request the replacement of the pane. It should be replaced within 28 days

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Bus shelter Bloomfield Road

Yet another bus shelter has been vandalised, we have asked for this to be repaired with plastic rather than glass

Friday, 21 March 2008

Buses Bloomfield Drive/Road

Problems of buses in Bloomfield Drive has been raised several times, buses meeting each other and getting stuck, also that there are no buses running during the day in Bloomfield Road.

We are running a consultation, to see if those that live in area would like to see a change.

Th e previous consultation th e majority of respondents said they wanted buses to remain in Bloomfield Drive and not to have yellow lines to help the buses pass, due to current problem s of parking - There are two new suggestions and the option of remaining as things are now. Please indicate your view.

That buses go along Bloomfield Drive one way and return to town the other way through Bloomfield Road, or along Bloomfield Road and return via Bloomfield Drive.

The other option is this route is followed by every second bus, the rest following the current
route. This would mean it is less likely for buses to meet in Bloomfield Drive


Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Secondary School Changes

The council is carrying out a secondary school review. We are pleased that Culverhay is likely to be co-ed this is something we have long supported. If you have any views please contact us before the full council on Thursday 27th March or you can respond to the consultation.

The recommendation of the report for Bath are below:


Retain Beechen Cliff School and Hayesfield Technology College as single sex boys and girls 11-18 schools with co-educational post 16 provision.

Retain St. Gregory’s Catholic as an 11-16 co-educational Catholic school.

Retain Ralph Allen as a co-educational 11-18 school.

Consult on closing Culverhay and re-opening the school as a new 11-18 co-educational Community school or Academy on the current site. This would address the issue of parental demand for a higher number of coeducational places.

Consult on the closure of St Mark’s Church of England and Oldfield schools and opening a new 11-18 co-educational Church of England school in the north of the city. The consultation should determine the site for the school. This would address the issue of parental demand, and also factors including the high number of places at Oldfield which are currently filled by South Gloucestershire students.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Police Newsletter for March Available

Loaded at

Please let us know if you can't read it and we will send it in a different format

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Ridge Green Close

We have asked for the sign at the bottom of Wellsway Close to be repaired

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Youth Club - Update(2)

It is disappointing that the Conservative Executive Councillor seems to be claiming everything, when the reality is the council is doing very little.

BAPP are well advanced in sorting take over of the youth club, and will be looking for the building to be used by the community.

It appears that we will be getting some detached youth work, although it will be shared with Foxhill, 17 hours in total per week. This compares with the four sessions that ran in the youth club before the cuts.

We would like to thank Alan Bain who is making many things happen, without his enthusiasm things wouldn't be happening.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Flats behind Lympsham Green

The dog warden is to investigate the problems with dog mess on the grassed land behind the flats at Lympsham Green.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Yellow lines Somerdale View

Weather permitting they will be put down next week

Clark's section 106 money - £55,000

Section 106 money is money that given as part of a planning development. From the Clark's development there is £55,000.

This will be paid once the development is 50% The council has recently undertaken a site check regarding numbers and the 50% figure had at that time not been passed. There are a number of unoccupied and nearly complete properties and the council is due to make a further check shortly. If the occupation level has reached 50% the council will write to remind the developer of there obligations under the section 106 agreement.

We are committed that as the money is for community facilities in the Odd Down area, that local people will have a say in spending the money.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

17 hours selling alcohol

Tesco have applied for a licence to sell alcohol at their new convenience food store in Englishcombe Lane from 6am to 11pm. Southdown Councillors have been asking residents what they thought and have had almost universal concern about the length of time.

Alcohol is now being sold from so many stores and outlets often at discount and in promotions - is it any wonder that we have a binge drinking problem in society.

We need to start restricting sales both in terms of outlets and length of hours and discounts and promotions should certainly not be allowed.

Rubbish Cranmore Place

We have again reported the rubbish at the entrance to the alleyway at Cranmore Place next to the Link School.

Sign Fosse Gardens

The sign at Fosse Gardens has been vandalised, we have reported this to council connect for repair.

Council connect can be contacted on 394041 or