Thursday, 28 February 2008

Post Office Closures

Although we are lucky in Odd Down this post office is not due to close. In the west of the ward in Kingsway they have not been so lucky, losing two local post offices over the past few years.

If you want to say something about post office closures, a public meeting and online questionnaire, being organised by Bath & North East Somerset Council's Enterprise and Economic Development Overview and Scrutiny Panel, will provide the opportunity for people to share their views over the proposed plans that will determine the future of the Post Office network.

Bath & North East Somerset Council’s Enterprise and Economic Development (EED) Overview and Scrutiny Panel will hold the public meeting at 10 am on Tuesday, 18 March in the Banqueting room, Bath, Guildhall.

Cllr Nigel Roberts is a member of this panel, if you wish please contact me if you wish any comments to be passed on.

PACT Meeting

The Odd Down Partners & Communities Together (PACT) meeting on Tues, 12th Feb, at St. Philip’s School Hall centred on these priorities:

1. Anti-social behaviour outside the Co-op, Frome Road and Vernham Grove areas.

2. Possible ideas on the future of the Youth Club and needs of leisure activities for young people.

3. Traffic (especially in Bloomfield Drive) – speeding, buses and parking on pavements.

4. Litter – lack of cleaning and bins in the area.

Crossing Wellsway

The installation of the pedestrian crossing on the A367 Wellsway (o/s Burnt House Court) will start on site on 17th March, and last for approximately 4 weeks.
Temporary two-way traffic signals will e in operation during this time.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Police Newsletter

The local police team in Odd Down are producing a monthly newsletter. You can access it here

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

New bus pass for the over 60's

1. Does it start on April 1?   YES

2. Is a new card required or is the existing card ok? A new card will be required -Temporary cards will be issued to residents if our own cards are not ready in time, though there is believed to be a low risk of this happening.

3. Is a new start time of 9.30 effective on April 1? In the existing Diamond card area (ie former Avon area) the start time will remain at 9 am but outside the area it will be 9.30.

4. is it correct that from April 1 a bus pass will enable a holder to catch any local bus in this country and does this include Wales and Scotland as well? The new passes will apply to all local bus services in England. Seperate schemes will operate in Wales and Scotland and they are not interchangable.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Planning Application tro demolish Burnt House Cottages

Ward: Odd Down App Ref: 08/00493/FUL

Parish: N/A

Registered: 7th February 2008 Expiry Date: 3rd April 2008

Location: 6 Burnt House Cottages Old Fosse Road Odd Down Bath BA2 2SG

Grid Ref: (E)373457 - (N)161872 LB Grade: N/A

Proposal: Erection of 8 no. self-contained apartments with ancillary buildings and parking after demolition of 6 and 7 Burnt House Cottages

Officer: Mark Reynolds

Applicant: Western Challenge Housing Association

Agent: BBA Architects & Planners

Fao: Mr J Mutter
Christchurch Office
Spinnaker House
Grange Road
BH23 4J

Henrietta Mews

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Youth Club - Update

Bath Area Play Project BAPP- have expressed an interest in the youth club building. This does not mean that youth work will continue at the youth club.

BAPP are running a series of open meetings on the 6th March at 4 and 7 pm, everyone including children are invited.

BAPP run the summer clubs that normally run from Odd Down Youth Club.

As local councillors we welcome a community based not for profit organisation will take over the building. However, we are concerned that the council is just ducking out of its responsibilities, there are comments about detached youth work, but no mention of how much or for how long. There is clearly a need for youth work in the area, but yet again it appears this council wants to do everything on the cheap.

Monday, 11 February 2008

Yellow Lines

Following the consultation regarding yellow lines, the official order has been placed for the yellow lines at the entrance to Sulis Meadows and outside of the new Three Ways School.

BMX Track

We have received this update from the Council

"The track is finished but we are aware of the drainage issues around the track. The Council is planning some remedial work up there which will focus on improving the access route up to the Tumps and the Council think that this will also address some of the other drainage issues around the site. "

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Post Offices

The Government is undertaking another round of post office closures, with one fifth of the post offices due to be closed.

There are 13 post offices in Bath, that would mean 2/3 more to be closed. The official announcement will be made on 26th of February.

In the meantime Bath Lib Dems have set up an on line petition:

We believe that our local post offices play a vital role in our community. Whether you are collecting a pension, applying for a passport or just buying some stamps, our post offices are there for us.

The last Conservative Government closed 3500 post offices. Labour have already shut
4000 more. These new cuts will decimate the remaining network. More post offices are needed not less.

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Re-cycling collections Kingsway

We are concerned that Kingsway always seems to be left out at the end of re-cycling collections.

We are asking this question.

"As local ward councillors we receive numerous emails from residents about missed collections in the Kingsway area, especially as this appears to be the end of the route.

"Please could the executive member give assurances that the correct equipment will be provided and enough staff will be employed to ensure that all refuse collections and re-cycling collections will be completed on the correct day."

Clarks Factory

I thought you would like to see the current state of affairs regarding the Clarks Factory.

We intend to chase this up with the planning officer.

"Regarding the above site and the Commercial Development that is under construction, I have visited the site on three occasions in the last two weeks, on the first occasion I saw the Quantity Surveyor for the site Mr Reece Ford and raised the issue of whether the commercial development is being built according to the approved plans. From my own inspection of the site and consultations it appears at this early stage of the development that it is being built according to approved plans. However I will continue to monitor the site and I must admit that progress on the site is somewhat slow as on my two previous visits this part of the site was shut."

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Youth Club

Odd Down Councillors Nigel Roberts and Steve Hedges are calling on the Council not to shirk their responsibilities to the people of Odd Down. The Councillors want to see improvement works carried out on Odd Down Youth Club rather than its closure.

In the past, the youth club has been a focus of anti-social behaviour out of hours. The police wanted to place a mobile CCTV camera in the vicinity to help combat these problems, but have not been able to due to the lack of a large pole to which the camera could be attached.

There are also some minor works that need to be done to the youth club to secure the building properly and repair the guttering.

Cllr Nigel Roberts said: “The Council has a responsibility to the people of Odd Down. One small thing they could do is to erect a pole so the police can place a CCTV camera if required."

Cllr Steve Hedges added “This Conservative-controlled Council seems to be willing to ignore the verdict of the Odd Down PACT (Partners And Communities Together) meeting at which residents clearly said that anti-social behaviour in the area around the youth club is their priority. This Council needs to listen."

The Liberal Democrat Councillors for Odd Down are working to ensure that youth work provision continues in the Odd Down area.