Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Old Fosse Road Update Jan 2008

We are still pursuing the Council to improve the traffic calming in Old Fosse Road.

The officers acknowledge that things are not as good as they would like. The bumps in the road fit with the national traffic regulations.

We are awaiting a safety survey, which is due in 8 weeks time.

White lines Barrow Road/Eastover Grove Old Fosse Road

We are pushing for the council to put white lines to mark the priorities for the junctions of Barrow Road and Eastover Grove with Old Fosse Road.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Planning application for Doctors surgery passed

The council has passed the planning application for the expansion of the doctors surgery at Sulis Meadows, after the officers has recommend that it be turned down.

From the council papers

"The site adjoins an existing doctors’ surgery to the west of the site, and the proposal is to
convert the dwelling to form additional accommodation for the surgery, the dwelling to
provide two consulting rooms, an office and a reception and waiting area. The surfaced outdoor space within the curtilage would provide three parking spaces including a disabled space.

Conditions were added to support parking in the site.

We are believe this will help the community to have more facilities in Odd Down, there are a number of parking issues at the entrance to Odd Down, but we believe with careful planning this can be sorted out.

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Clare Gardens - pot holes

It seems that there are always pot holes at the entrance to Clare Gardens. There have been reported to council connect.

A pothole is a sharp edged depression in the carriageway greater than 30mm deep. The severity of a pothole is determined by the risk it poses to road users.

New PACT Meeting

The next Odd Down PACT (Partners And Communities Together) Meeting will be on Tuesday 12th February at 18.30.This will be held at St Philips Primary School Hall.

Everyone is invited.

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Stop the Construction of a Mass Burn Incinerator in Bristol

Join the Campaign to Stop the Construction of a Mass Burn Incinerator in Bristol!

Please help us put a stop to the planned construction of a Mass Burn Incinerator in Bristol. The construction of the Incinerator would be a major backward step in our efforts to make Bristol and Bath a Cleaner and Greener place to live.

We object to plans from the West of England Partnership, Bristol City Council, and surrounding councils to build a mass-burn incinerator in Avonmouth, Bristol. Incinerators are an outdated and wasteful solution as well as being harmful to the environment. Not only will it reduce incentives to recycle more household waste but it would lead to more freight traffic around Shirehampton and Avonmouth as waste is brought in from across the region to burn. To keep incinerators going they need to be feed with waste, this is waste that could be re-cycled.


Sunday, 6 January 2008

Vandalised Bus Shelter Frome Road

Another vandalism of a bus shelter this time on Frome Road opposite the Clarks development. We are not sure why people do it, just adds to council tax.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Yellow Lines

The council is consulting on Yellow lines in Sulis Meadows to view the PDF click here

Also on Frome Road outside of the new Threeways School.


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