Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Happy Christmas

Steve and Nigel would like to wish everyone a happy Christmas and good New Year

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Sign at Wansdyke Road(2)

Good news, it should be replaced by January

Yellow lines in Sulis Meadows

A resident alerted us to a problem with yellow lines at the entrance to Sulis Meadows. It is difficult to see how anyone can feel that this is a good job. We know the council officers are looking into the problem, how to see a solution shortly.

Council consultation on library charges

The Council os currently taking consultation from all people within Bath & North East Somerset regards the proposed library fees and charges for 2009/2010.
If you would like to take part in this consultation then please visit:

Please let us know what you think

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Fullers Earth wind turbine planning application

At yesterday's planning meeting the application for a wind turbine at Fullers Earth was withdrawn.

Yellow Lines proposed for Upper Bloomfield Road and Oolite Road(2)

It appears now that the council isn't going to put down yellow lines. It seemed like a good idea to us, we are investigating.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Old Fosse Road Update December 2008(2)

We have had the following reply back from the council officers.

Regarding the size and height of the speed cushions, the dimensions are governed by regulations i.e. the height of the speed cushion should not exceed 75 mm and the width of the cushion should be between 1600mm and 1900mm wide. At an early stage of consultation regarding the introduction of speed cushions to our road the Ambulance Service objected to any speed cushion that was more than 1600 mm wide as it affects the 'ride' of an ambulance and in some cases can damage certain important equipment under an ambulance. It was therefore decided that all speed cushions should be installed at 1600 mm wide. I will obtain the traffic speed data (before and after data) to you as soon as I receive it from the traffic data surveyor.
A 'raised junction' at Barrow Road/Old Fosse Road junction would be an effective method and location to reduce traffic speeds on Old Fosse Road. I will complete a Scheme Assessment form to include this proposal in the list for future funding.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

More trees in Kingsway

A group called more trees for Bath has been planting trees in Kingsway, they are all volunteers with support from O2. The trees and the labour are free.

They were out today planting, the area now has another 15 trees

If you want a tree please contact us, we feel that this is really a good idea, they still have a few left.

They have a web site in development at the moment, for more information

Signs again - this time Canons Close

Seems there is a spate of vandalising signs. This one has also been reported to the council.

Sign at Wansdyke Road

The council is saying it won't replace the sign as it is vandalised too often, they can't just leave it as it is, doesn't make sense.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Yellow Lines proposed for Upper Bloomfield Road and Oolite Road

The council is proposing yellow lines at the junction of Upper Bloomfield Road and Oolite Road if you want to see the plans click below.

Please let us know of any comments

Monday, 8 December 2008

Another possible Christmas present - local food calender

"The Bath Local Food Calendar 2009" is now available in bookstores throughout Bath and outlying areas and at the Farmer's Market. This is a truly local project: sown, grown, harvested, photographed, designed and printed in Bath and NE Somerset . The images and story focus on local recipes, suppliers, allotments, foraging, and composting.

It can be purchased at most bookstores in Bath, including Good Buy Books close to the Guildhall, or purchased directly at the Farmer's Market on a Saturday.

BMX track photographs

We have had this email from Steve Nippiard about the BMX event.

"just a note to let you know that after the south west regional race meeting at the Bath BMX track, in which a nine year regional entrants record was broke [192 riders]!, Bath BMX working with a professional photographer that was snapping that day, have produced a 2009 calendar.

17 glossy pictures, taken randomly, not posed for, represent the whole day, in colour and some black and white. this is also a Bath BMX track / club fundraiser, with the £2 profit from each sale going into the account. The print cost was quite high and the number printed is limited.

£8 each, or £9 posted available at outlets locally"

If you can't find please let us know and we will find you a copy.

Hayesfield sport Proposals

There is a demonstration of the plans Hayesfield has for the new sport proposals.

Saturday 13th December between 9.30 and 12.30 pm at the Upper School Canteen on Lower Oldfield Park

Old Fosse Road Update December 2008

Steve has met with the executive councillor with responsibility for highways to talk through the problem with the traffic calming in the road. Steve was able to show him traffic totally disregarding the speed limit.

Now to see if this has an effect

Missing bins

We seem to be having a number of bins go missing. We have reported the bins at Bloomfield Drive and the one in the picture at Noad's Corner missing.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Sulis Meadows adoption update (3)

Things are still moving, Crest are optimistic, things maybe looking like February 2009.

The date is important as if transferred before March it will allow the council to get on top of things before the growing season starts.

Bloomfield Drive - Bus Shelter

Yet again ! We have reported it to the council, it wasn't repaired last time, fingers crossed for this time.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Coaches at Odd Down playing fields - Update

One of teh council officer came back with a quick reply.

"I can advise that improved signage is due to be installed during this week which I hope will direct coaches up Wellsway. We have also briefed all marshalls at Avon Street Coach Park to advise coach drivers to use Wellsway rather than Bloomfield Road and we will monitor this situation prior to the weekend."

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Fullers earth council to take action

At its meeting in October the debelopment control decided to take action against the owners of Fullers Earth.

It doesn't mean the whole area will be closed down, just the areas of expansion.

The owners will have a right of appeal.

You can read the decision below

Coaches at Odd Down playing fields

We weren't happy with the original decision to park coaches on Odd Down playing fields. Part of the decision was that coaches shouldn't go up Bloomfield Road, that is also being ignored. We are chasing this up with the council

HGV's in Bath - council still not doing anything

As well as putting a weight limit on Cleveland Bridge, stopping Sat Nav companies from sending their lorries through Bath would help.

and North East Somerset Council officers had not been attending meetings of the South West Regional Freight Forum, where the scheme has been discussed and actively piloted by Somerset County Council.

Bath's MP Don Foster said, “This is a sensible, practical way of reducing the number of HGVs getting stuck on inappropriate routes in our city, and can also help to reduce through traffic. It is pleasing that these companies are willing to work with local communities to improve the service they provide.

“We need to find out more about this scheme and start playing catch up so that we can work with Somerset County Council in producing effective alternative routes. It is time that there was real action on this issue.”

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Bath Rapid Transport(BRT)

Full council considered the Bath Rapid Transit last Thursday, both of us voted to have an independent review. This was defeated by the Conservatives.

Why do we feel things are wrong ?

The route would mean that hundred's of houses are over looked by the route way, as the old railway is elevated above the gardens of all of the houses.

The cost of the route along the Lower Bristol Road has not been properly explored, the officers are putting forward such poor answers.

All the new houses if the Bath urban extension goes ahead are to the South of the river, the route is to the North of the River.

The costs are likely to be higher than estimated, so much hasn't be taken into account.

and, it will save two minutes on the journey time.

If you want to look at the objectors view use this link.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Notice boards

A lot goes on in Odd Down, it is just not many people get to hear about it. We feel a number of notice boards would help.

If you agree where could they go ? let us know.

If you want to see what we are thinking about something like these

Vandal proof, heavy duty

BMX calender

If you would like a BMX calender, the proceeds go towards the BMX track then you get a copy from John's Bikes in Walcot Street or Detour Skate store in Broad Street. Cost is £8

Sign at the Green, Wansdyke Road to be repaired

The sign at the Green has been replaced we are chasing up to find out what has happened to the repair to the sign at Wansdyke Road

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Odd Down Showcase

We attended the Odd Down showcase, an event that was held to showcase things that were going on in Odd Down. We were surprised at how much is going on.

The picture is us at the event, we hold the surgery every Saturday at the Community Centre, Odins Road between 10.00 and 11.00

Taxi Consultation

The council is carrying out a consultation about Taxi's if you want to take part you can download the questionnaire from

Email back to by 11 November

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Pact Proirities

ACTIONS to be taken tackle Odd Downs PACT Priorities:

1.ASB around the Community Centre and play areas (Includes Clark's)
2.Cleansing of the area
3.Parking (Oolite Road junction with Wellsway and Upper Bloomfield Road) and bus routes

Sunday, 26 October 2008

20A/20C bus changes

There has been problems with this service and has recently been the subject of a Punctuality Improvement Partnership between First and the Council, which involved extensive surveying and analysis to identify the factors that seem to be affecting punctuality on the service.
The council has identified a number of factors that affect timetabling of the services and adapted the tender proposals to reflect this. This includes changes to the time allowed on different sections of route, some minor route changes, and a proposal to remove the call into the Sainsburys car park that can significantly delay the service as it queues behind cars looking for parking spaces. The council believes it has identified suitable and convenient alternatives for the route changes so inconvenience to passengers is minimised. Together with a wider review of handover and duty changes at the Bus Station by First, the council believes that these changes will enable the service to operate more reliably in the future.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Public consulation on expansion of P&R

The council is holding a public exhibition on the Bath Transportation Package in the Guildhall at the following times:

Thursday 6th November 2008 from 3.30pm – 7.00pm

  • Friday 7th November 2008 from 10.00pm – 6.00pm
  • Saturday 8th November 2008 from 9.30am – 5.00pm

This will give a further opportunity to review the details of the proposed developments, and to allow you to express your views and opinions on the scheme with the Project Team.

There will be four separate planning applications for:

  • Expanded Park and Ride facility at Lansdown;
  • Expanded Park and Ride facility at Odd Down;
  • Expanded Park and Ride facility at Newbridge and proposed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) route, connecting Bath City Centre to Newbridge Park & Ride; and
  • The creation of a new Park and Ride facility to the east of the City.

Officers from Bath and North East Somerset Council and their consultants will be in attendance at the event to inform you of the proposals and answer any questions or concerns which you may have.

All views will be recorded on the day via a feedback form which will be made available to you on arrival. We trust this information is helpful and should you wish to discuss any aspect of the Project further please contact me project team.


Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Odd Down Community association

Now has its own web site

Missing bin at Fosse Gardens

Fosse Gardens near the Wansdyke always seems to be full of rubbish. We therefore asked for a bin to be installed.

At least there would be no excuse.

It now appears to be missing, another thing to investigate.

Clarks - office building

The council has had back a report on the height of the building at the Clark's site. It appears there is no problem with the height. We continue to look at the issue.

Trees for Kingsway

A local organisation called "More Trees for Bath" has secured £600 from O2 for trees in the Kingsway areas.

More details later

Don Foster Surgery

A new date has been confirmed for Don to have a surgery in Odd Down 22nd November at the Odd Down Community Centre

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Pact meeting

The next PACT meeting is on Thursday 16th October at St. Philip's School at 6.30

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Sulis Meadows adoption update (2)

The council and the Crest are talking together, progress is being made. However, there are still things to sort out.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Signs vandalised Wansdyke Road the Green

We have reported the missing sign at the Green and vandalised sign at Wandsyke Road. It is disappointing that such petty vandalism occurs, and reinforces our view that there should be mobile CCTV in this area.

The other important issue is the police will allocate resources depending on calls. If no one phones up then the local team of Kim, Louise and Martyn will be left to deal with it. Calls can be made anonymously, we know it takes a while to get throughm but if something is happening now, it is a crime in progress dial 999.

Student housing

Liberal Democrats in Bath have long been calling for sensible approach to student housing by Government. On the one hand the Government are asking for outrageous numbers of new housing but then it refuses to count student housing. Bath is a small city and each family house that is taken over for multile let adds to the pressure on our housing stock. Yet if we built 400 student housing units and save 100 family houses the Government does not acknowledge the figures. Areas such Oldfield have large numbers of HMOs let to students.

The consultation process for the Regional Spatial Strategy, (which demands that 21,300 new homes are built in Bath and North East Somerset by 2026), has now begun and runs until the 24th October. Throughout this period, members of the public can voice their concerns to the Government over any aspect of the Government's plans for the South West.

Don Foster has raised this issue with the Secretary of State some time ago, and she pointed us towards the consultation process. However, the deadline is approaching, so it's important we act now

Please sign our petition at student housing link

Thursday, 4 September 2008


We are still asking the council to look at the height of the buildings. We believe that something should happen shortly. When we get more information we will post it here.

BRT where do we stand

We are not in favour of the bus rapid transit route which forms part of the Bath Transport Package; the Cabinet is considering a paper giving the Council the power to compulsorily purchase land to build the route.

Why on earth the Council is planning to build a new road, which requires land from people’s homes and causes a loss of green habitat. This new road will cost millions and they are not certain how much time it will save compared to the alternatives – no-one wants it except the Conservative Cabinet.

Further assessment of the need for this particular route should be carried out and the alternative routes looked at in more depth – we question whether this is an appropriate time to be moving towards a CPO when the alternative routes haven’t been looked at in sufficient detail. If the package can be changed to move the east of Bath park and ride, then it can be changed to drop this road to nowhere.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Lights along footpath Cranmore Place to Frome Road

We have asked the council to cut the branches on the trees obscuring the lights along the footpath Cranmore Place to Frome Road, alongside the Link School.

Spot the light !

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Bus services - subsidised by the council

We have been notified by the council that it is looking at the bus services it subsidises. - see below - for us there are two main buses - please let us know.

714 Weston - Bath Centre - Odd Down Daily: 2 late evening journeys from Weston and 3 late evening journeys from Odd Down
717 Weston - Bath Centre - Kingsway Mon-Sat: 5 journeys in each direction during the evening

In March 2009 a number of contracts for bus services supported by Bath and North East Somerset are due to expire. In advance of inviting tenders for replacement services, we are therefore inviting the views of Councillors, Parish and Town councils, operators, and other stakeholders affected by these services, before the contract specifications are finalised.

We need to submit any comments, proposals, or suggestions not later than the 19th September 2008, so that these can be incorporated into the contract specifications.

As a result of all these consultations the detail of the contracts to be let may differ from the tenders in operation at present. It is anticipated that formal invitations to tender will be sent out by the 3rd October, with contract awarded notifications in the first week of January 2009. Contracts will be let for periods of up to 5 years.

Council Consulation on planning matters

The Government has published a national list of mandatory information that must be submitted with every planning application.

In addition to the national list, Government has also published a list of additional requirements which local planning authorities are encouraged to adopt to suit their individual circumstances. Once consulted upon and formally adopted, this document will be used in order to determine whether a submitted application is valid.

Bath & North East Somerset Council’s draft local list is set out in this document for consultation purposes. Once the consultation responses have been collated and taken into account, the final local list will be formally adopted by the Council and used for the validation of planning applications.

Regional BMX meeting

At the Tumps at Odd Down there is to be an BMX Regional Event that is planned for the 28th September.

The occasion will provide the council with an opportunity to showcase and promote the track locally as well as in the region as one of the regions most popular BMX tracks of its size. The event follows soon after the Olympic Games where BMX racing is included or the first time.

It will attract around 200 riders from the regions BMX clubs as well as spectators. The event is free and run by and for volunteers under British Cycling (the governing body for cycle-sport in the uk). The track will be in use from 09.30 to 4.30 with commencing soon after 08.00.

If you want any more information please contact us

Police Newsletter for August

This can be found here

Monday, 11 August 2008

Sainsbury's for Odd Down(2)

If you missed the presentation but still would like to see the plans.

There is a link this is a pdf of around 1Mb

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

More housing - bitumin Brown urban extension

The government has announced a further 21,000 houses are to be built in Bath and North East Somerset that increases the number of houses by a quarter. What does it mean for Odd Down. The figures have an increase of 500 for the Bath Urban extension. The area possibly affected is around Sulis Meadows, down Old Fosse Road, and along Rush Hill right along to the Globe roundabout and then along the A4 to Bath- ALL of it green space, a lot of it area of outstanding natural beauty and all green belt !

If you want to read more and want to comment

Details for responding to the changes made by the Secretary of State are as follows: The Government Office for the South West requests that wherever possible comments are submitted on-line via the portal they have set up which can be found at:

This is what Don Foster has to say

Government have gone barking mad over new homes total – Foster

Commenting on the release of the Regional Spatial Strategy for the South West of England, Bath MP Don Foster has said that the Government has gone “barking mad” in their demands for new homes in Bath & North East Somerset.

Don said, “It was the view of Bath and North East Somerset Council that only 15,000 new homes should be built, but now the Government has called for over 21,000! We had agreed to what was already a very difficult challenge in terms of building 6,000 new homes within Bath, and an extra 1,500 as part of an urban extension to the South West, but now the Government have increased that figure too.

“House-building has almost ground to a halt in light of the global economic downturn, and this project looks beyond deliverability in the 15 years it has to come to fruition. The Government is simply barking mad.

“Across the district, 66% of the authority area is either an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or Green Belt land and the Government themselves have admitted building to the South will be limited due to inadequate transport links.

“The total is even more bizarre considering we can’t include new student builds. We have two large and expanding universities who are planning to expand accommodation on their own sites. This will free up affordable housing within the city, but yet this can’t count towards our target.”

Sainsbury's for Odd Down - more houses at Hayesfield site ?

Please let us have your views - below is the press release from the developer of the Hayesfield Site


A public exhibition showing proposals for a mixed-use housing, community and retail development on land between St Martin’s Primary School and the site of The Link and Threeways Schools in Odd Down, is taking place on Friday 1 and Saturday 2 August 2008.

A medium-sized food store to be operated by Sainsbury’s, a sports hall and clubhouse, a parade of shops, a nursing home and housing for the elderly are all included in proposals that aim to create a district centre with facilities that meet with local needs.

The exhibition is being organised by property consultants, Storegap Commercial, on behalf of property development company, Odd Down Developments.

The proposed site is on disused land previously owned by Hayesfield School. The sale of the land has enabled the school to move forward with plans for a multi-million pound sports complex at its main site on Oldfield Park Road.

The exhibition will take place at St Martin’s Primary School on Friday 1 August 10am – 6pm and Saturday 2 August 10am – 2pm.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Don Foster Surgery

There will be a Don Foster surgery at the Odd Down Community Association on 20th September 10-11 am no appointment necessary.

Closure of Rush Hill (temporary)

The council has published the following notice it will be interested to see how the traffic copes, maybe a rest from the speed residents suffer from normally.

Notice is hereby given that the Bath and North East Somerset Council in pursuance of the provisions of section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 as amended intends to make an order the effect of which will be to temporarily close to vehicles Rush Road, Bath from its junction with Somerdale View in a north westerly direction for 150 metres.

This order is required because of the likelihood of danger to the public consequent upon sewer works and will be operative from the 10 August for a maximum period of one month. However, the restriction may not be effected for the whole of the period but it is anticipated that the road will be closed as and when traffic signs are in position and only for so long as is necessary to execute the works which it is anticipated will be for TWO WEEKS.

ALTERNATIVE ROUTE Frome Road Wellsway – Hatfield Road - Englishcombe Lane – Rush Hill.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Odd Down Community association (2)

The official launch is looking like being 27th September. Please let me know if you have any ideas / suggestions for stalls / information stands / activities etc please can you contact one of us.

Sign at roundabout

The sign erected on the roundabout outside of Clarks site, does not comply with planning regulations, and so had to be removed.

Clarks education

A lot of money was given for education, we will be trying to work out where it all went !

From a question to cabinet

£389,530 to be provided towards the cost of improving secondary and post-16 educational facilities in the area including the development.

Clarks - Rush Hill transport improvments

With a lot of developments there is as part of the development money given for improvements in the local area. This is know as section 106 money after the section of the act.

So what happened with Clarks.

Section 106 agreement is for a New roundabout on Rush Hill at junction with Old Fosse road. 3 bus shelters, 2 on Rush Hill & one Bloomfield Drive, puffin crossing at St Philips school. Contribution towards free flow of & accessibility to public transport £135,000. By the time it was paid total amount came to about £176K

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Clarks Factory Site - progress

We are still in ongoing discussions with the planning department regarding the Clarks factory, is it too big or not ? The council officers say they need to be certain that there is a problem before they can take any action and are in discussions with the developers. For more information on enforcement

Old Smiles building up for let

There were many rumours running throughout Odd Down that the Smiles building had been let by the CO-OP, it is now up to let. We are disappointed that this has taken so long, with the building empty there has been a lot of vandalism. Along with the police team we have been doing what we can to keep this to a minimum. Let hope for a new beginning for this store.

Polyclinics for Bath Yes or No

Many of you who have gone to the doctors recently will have noticed a petition being collected at the surgery about polyclinics. Bath's MP Don Foster is interested in your views.

Polyclinics should be a local choice – Don

Don is asking residents whether or not they want a Polyclinic in Bath. If you would like to see one then simply e-mail or if you think Bath could do without then please e-mail

If you want to read more

Monday, 30 June 2008

Pact Proirities

- Anti Social Behaviour in Wansdyke Road
- Youth provision and investment
- Parking and obstruction issues around St Philips School and Neighbouring roads
- Bus routes / timings

Next Meeting
Thursday 16th October 2008 at St Phillips School Hall from 18:30hrs

Sulis Meadows adoption update

We have been speaking to Crest and to the Council about where we are with the adoption of the estate.

The comment from the council is:

"numerous issues need to be resolved, some of which must be agreed first with the Land Registry"

Unfortunately, still some way to go.

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Shelters damaged - Culverhay School

A different one this time, outside of Culverhay School. We have asked for this to be repaired.

Bath Youth Service - Council slated ?

The Council has undergone an OFSTED inspection of the youth service. A report will be available on the 30th of June. Our guess it won't be happy reading for our Conservative colleagues, especially after the savage cuts in the budget.

Still no sign of the youth workers promised by the council. They are still to be appointed.

Old Fosse Road traffic calming update June 2008

A speed count will be taken in the road in July, hopefully something will happen after that, to improve the current scheme.

Play areas - return to the Council

We have long though that the play areas, transferred to Somer, should return to the council. As part of this campaign Nigel has asked a question about the play areas at full council. A meeting between Somer and the council is to take place to discuss the way forward.

We have an online petition

We will keep you posted !

Monday, 23 June 2008

14 bus Odd Down subsidised route

There were some questions raised at the last PACT meeting about the subsidised buses run by First Bus.

The council officers have provided this answer.

"First Bus only payments they receive in respect of bus service 14 are for the last few trips in each direction late at night, which run with service number 714 to distinguish them from the others. This particular contract ends in 2009."

Wellsway Crossing

We received this from one of the Council's Officers

Re: Pedestrian Crossing Installation

A367 Wellsway, Bath (outside Burnt House Court) - Phase 2

I’m writing to inform you that the second phase of works to install the new pedestrian crossing is to start on site on Wednesday 25th June.

The works will involve the following:

1. Install detector loops into the highway,

2. Burn off the existing crossing markings and replace with the new layout,

3. Remove the existing beacon and posts,

4. Install the new signal heads.

The works are scheduled to last approximately 2 weeks from starting.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Ambleside Kingsway Street lights

The Street lights in Ambleside Road, near the junction with Kingsway have been reported to the council. The problem is due to Western Power, they have been given until the 26th June to sort out the problem.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Press Release about Clark's office building

We have issued this following press release

For immediate release:

Concern over height of office block

Odd Down Councillors Nigel Roberts and Steve Hedges are raising concerns about the new Clark’s office building with the Council. Residents in surrounding streets are not happy about the visual impact of the new offices that dominate the skyline.

Councillor Nigel Roberts commented:

When you look up from the surrounding roads, this new building dominates the skyline. I believe it looks too tall and residents have expressed the same concerns to me, especially in a world heritage city."

Cllr Steve Hedges added

There is supposed to be a landscaping scheme for the site, but I find it difficult to see what can be done to reduce the visual impact of such a big building.

We have contacted the Council's planning department to inform them of our concerns and our residents’ concerns over the height of the building and we are waiting the outcome of their investigations.”


Again, it appears that the council is looking into something that can deter the travellers from entering the park and ride.

zero waste week

The aim of the challenge is for residents to see how much they can reduce the amount they throw away over a week by trying to reduce, reuse, recycle and compost as much as possible instead.

"I am going to take part as we always do every year, it is challenge, but something we all need to do "

Cllr Nigel Roberts.

Bike Week

This year, Bike Week will take place between Saturday 14th and Sunday 22nd June 2008.

Bike Week is the UK's annual promotion of cycling with the aim to get more people on their bikes. The week also encourages people to consider cycling to work as an alternative to commuting by car and to reduce the number of unnecessary short car journeys.

FREE Bike Breakfast
Wednesday 18th June 8:00-9:30am
Breakfasts will be available in Bath, Keynsham and Radstock for cyclists.

A range of delicious breakfasts will be served (depending on venue) including pastries, egg and bacon rolls, and hot or cold drinks. FREE breakfasts for all cycle commuters will be available at the following venues:

KEYNSHAM - The Clock Tower Cafe
RADSTOCK - Tea & Trade Tea Rooms, Church Street
BATH - Abbey Square

Roundabouts again

This time good news, we received this email from the council's parks department who seem to have won the battle with the legal department. The sign is there ! It is just sad that things have taken so long.

"The sponsorship of our roundabouts has attracted some interest recently and I hope you will find this update helpful.
  • The Legal Agreement between the Council and the company seeking sponsors on our behalf (Marketing Force), has now been approved by the Council's Solicitor and is in the course of being completed.
  • Agreement has been reached between Environmental Services (Parks) and Planning over amended landscaping works and Planning have agreed that signage may be installed in advance of planting.
  • Two roundabouts now have sponsors in place and final preparations are taking place in advance of the signs going up later this week. These are the Odd Down Park & Ride and Midsomer Norton Tesco roundabouts. Tree and bulb planting will take place in the early Autumn.
  • The further 3 roundabouts for which advertising permission is in place (Odd Down Red Lion, London Road East (A46 bypass) and Bathford / Sally in the Woods) will shortly have signs going up inviting people to contact Marketing Force.
  • We will consider during the summer how to proceed with further sponsorship opportunities, including the newly detrunked section of the A4.
It is unfortunate that the final permissions have been granted at the time of year when it would not be suitable to carry out planting and other improvement works and we therefore had to decide whether to delay the associated signage until the improvement works are completed or to put the signs in place before the works have been completed. Following discussions with Planning, we have decided to install the signs first in order to demonstrate progress, obtain income and promote sponsorship opportunities to businesses."

Monday, 9 June 2008

Travellers (part5)

More travellers, what cost to the council tax payer for getting them off and to clear up.

We have asked Charles Gerrish, conservative executive Councillor, what is going to do about it.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Vernham Grove - play area

We understand that the council is discussing with Somer HCT about the play area returning to the Council.

In a walk about with the neighbourhood cleansing manager we looked at the parking bays, which are the responsibility of Somer HCT. We have asked for the council to look at enforcement action.

It remains our view that the play areas need to be returned to the council.

Our petition is

Fosse Gardens - bin

We have meet with the neighbourhood cleansing manager for the council in Fosse Gardens, as a results we have asked him to look at enforcement action to ensure the steps to Sulis Meadows are kept clean, and that a bin is installed, so there is no excuse to keep the area clean.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Bloomfield Drive - Bus Shelter

Yet again damaged, and yet again reported to the council. We have asked for a timetable just it case it isn't vandalised. If you have any information about the shelter please come to our surgery, which is held every Saturday 10-11 the Old Odd Down Youth Club. Often one of our local police team is present.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Grass Cutting in Odd Down

Large areas of Odd Down has not had the grass cut. We have had complaints from Oolite Road, Wansdyke Road. There have been two reasons given, either the bad weather or lack of trained staff. We are investigating, and trying to get things moving.

Travellers (part4) Odd Down Park and Ride

There are more travellers on the Odd Down Park and Ride.

Yet more expense, luckily the Council officers are trying to stop this happening looking to see what can be done to improve security.

Monday, 26 May 2008

Bath Urban Extension - lots of more houses

We have created a new blog to highlight what is happening with the 1500 extra houses that are to be built as part of an urban extension to Bath.

In Odd Down the area of search is around Sulis Meadows, along Old Fosse Road and then along Rush Hill.

We don't welcome these houses, where ever you build it will be on Green Belt or in an area or outstanding natural beauty (AONB)

There is no new money to solve the current congestion.

We have added a few photographs to show the land that could be destroyed.

We are looking for your views

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Sulis Meadows Clean up Day

A successful clean up day was held in Sulis Meadows, so successful the van had to come three times to take everything away.

Thanks to Hugh Mckay Neighbourhood watch coordinator for Sulis Meadows and Louise Gould one of the PCSO's in Odd Down for organising the event.

Nigel was please to help, maybe pictures shortly.

We will be looking to do more clean ups in other parts of the Odd Down ward.

Bath area play project to move in

More good news in that Bath area play project (BAPP) are going to move into the youth club on the 2 June. This will mean there is a full time presence in the building Monday to Friday.

Community Association Launched

On Thursday the 22nd 40 people met in the old youth club to launch the Odd Down Community association. It is now up to the residents of Odd Down to make this a success after the council has let us down.

We heard from young people about what they wanted to do in the area, and from BAPP about their future in Odd Down

The first chairman will be Alan Bain, who has worked hard to get this off the ground.

Steve and Nigel are pleased to have played a part in the formation of the community association and will be working to make it a success.

Please contact us if you can help, more information shortly as the first meeting of the committee will be Thursday 29th.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Odd Down Community association

Odd Down Community organisation is going to be officially launched on Thursday 22 May at the youth club on Odins Road, please come along. Come and influence the way forward for the community in Odd Down.

Start time is 7 pm
Odd Down Community Association

The ODCA would meet 6 times a year or more often, usually in the evening and we would like to have as much involvement as possible –

  • perhaps you would like to take notes of the meetings and type them up?

  • Do you have a good awareness of figures and would like to help set up an account and help with budgets?

  • Perhaps you would just like to come to meetings and get involved in discussions and plans about the area.

Upper Bloomfield Road

A resident in the area has expressed concerns about the speed of traffic in Upper Bloomfield Road, we are investigating what can be done.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Travellers (part3)

We have had a reply back from the council.

"There were few bags of rubbish left were picked up with the normal refuse collection from the site. The cost was not identified but was minimal.

I understand that the recent encampment only lasted one day. The field adjoining the car parking area has been secured but unfortunate it is not really possible to secure the car parking area itself when the park and ride is operating."


The area of the Wellsway near the elderly person bungalows is to be re-surfaced.

Cllr Nigel Roberts said" This mess was created when the Burnt House was developed, hopefully the council is charging the developer for the damage."

Travellers (part2) left

The travellers have left, but it still leaves questions. It appears that they entered the P&R site during public hours, so what can be done to stop this happening again ? This is something the council really needs to consider.

The field behind the park and ride is to be ploughed, it should have been done earlier. We wait for a response.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Travellers again in Odd Down

Yet again travellers have got into Odd Down park and ride. We have asked the conservative executive councillor, in charge of this area, what is he going to do about stopping it happening. All that happens is it costs the council more money, on cleaning up and putting in security ? all of which is coming out of our council tax.

The good news is they are going to be given an eviction notice on Monday.

Monday, 5 May 2008

New Focus leaflet

New focus leaflet available

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Wellsway Crossing - update

We were not sure why things had stopped, this is the answer from one of the council's officers.

This is mainly because the site falls within the embargo diversion route for the A36 Limply Stoke works. It was started as soon as then could be, but unfortunately could not be finished in time for the 31st March deadline. It was therefore decided that it made more sense to leave the site so the existing crossing was in operation.
I'm in the process of undertaking a traffic study to see if there is a quiet period when the works could be done during the embargo without too much disruption. Once I have confirmation of this, the work should start on site after a couple of weeks.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Wellsway Crossing

The bus shelter and the lights appear not to have been installed. We are trying to find out from the council officers what is happening.

Monday, 21 April 2008

Ambleside Road - potholes

Hopefully the council is going to sort out some of the bigger potholes shortly near the Kingsfield junction. It is a shame that the council doesn't just re-surface the whole road, must save money in the long run.

A few pothole have not been marked out, which we have reported to Council Connect

Clarks - office builing - Picture says it all

Picture taken from Edgeworth Road showing the scale of the building

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Office Building at Clark's Development(2)

We have met with the planning officers at the new office block at Clark's.

We feel that the building is too big and having studied the submitted plans it looks too big. The plans say that it should be no higher than 9.7 metres above the existing ground level. This figure is to be measured.

There is also an issue of landscaping. There is very little room in front of the building before you get to the housing in Rush Hill to get the landscaping planted. This is being investigated as well.

We will keep you informed of results coming out of the investigations.

Rush Hill Speed of traffic

There has long been a problem with speeding traffic in Rush Hill, as well as having too many big lorries along it.

We have asked Martyn Bridges, local police beat manager to carry out a number of speed checks in the road.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Travellers (part2)

It is pleasing to say the council has done a good job, and the travellers have gone from Odd Down. All that needs to be done now is check how they got in, and to make sure that the field at the back of the park and ride has been ploughed.

We would like to thank all of the officers that sorted this out so quickly.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

April Police Newsletter

April Newsletter can be found here

Martyn Bridge will be at our weekly surgery 19th April 10 a.m. until 11 a.m. Odd Down Youth Club.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

More charges on elderly people

We have signed a call in of a decision to put more charges on elderly people. There is to be a meeting calling on the Conservative Cabinet member to reconsider his decision to increase the charges for a range of services to elderly people, such as:

  • Community meal costs up by over a pound per meal.
  • Hourly rate for home care to rise by 74%.
  • Maximum weekly charge for care to go up by almost 400%.
These increases can't be fair

Round and Round We Go

A while a go we were looking forward to sponsored roundabout full of flowers, now we find that things are not progressing.

Our press release is below

Plans to improve the look of roundabouts in Bath and North East Somerset through sponsorship deals have been delayed thanks to the Council's legal department say Lib Dem Councillors.

After at least 15 years of going backwards and forwards, including 297 emails from one Councillor to try and get something done, the Planning Committee gave permission for the first sponsored roundabouts last summer. It was hoped that the scheme would help make the entrances to our city more attractive and would save council tax payers money.

However, despite Councils across the country allowing companies to sponsor roundabouts, the legal department at B&NES Council is not sure whether we can do it here. Now Liberal Democrat Group leader Cllr Paul Crossley has written to Cabinet members Charles Gerrish and Malcolm Hanney asking them to take action and clear away this most recent hurdle.

Cllr Nigel Roberts (Odd Down) who has been following this issue since permission was given in principle for two roundabouts in Odd Down, said:

It's now 8 months since permission was in theory given for these roundabout sponsorship deals. It's not as if B&NES would be blazing a trail – this is a well-established practice in many areas. You would think that the Cabinet as it has been putting up charges in so many areas would want to pursue this idea.

Youth club - again

We have written to John Everitt Chief Executive of the council, and Chris Watts Conservative Executive member in charge of youth services to ask them what they are going to do to stop the council wasting money on repairing all of the vandalism.

The council has had a year to prepare for this and has done nothing, it was the wrong decision to close the youth club and now when there is an opportunity of a new beginning things are being stopped by inactivity earlier in the year.

We look forward to their reply.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Odd Down Youth Club

It is sad that the youth club has been vandalised again, but this was predictable now the building is empty. The council knew it was going to cut £400,000 off the youth budget and close the youth club a year ago. Yet a year later nothing has happened.

We hope that the new beginning when the community association takes over will be better than anything the council has done.


There are travellers on the Park and Ride site again. It is amazing that the Council never seems to learn ! Several days on illegal encampment, huge costs to get rid of them, and a big clean up operation.

The council is supposed to be looking at official sites, but it has been looking for an awfully long time.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Future of Odd Down Youth Club

There are several people looking at setting up a community organisation to run the youth club and to turn it into a community and youth club. Providing a youth club but also making the centre used more during the day as well. This aim is being ably supported by BAPP, and people from St. Philip's Church as well as ourselves.

It is intended to have an open day shortly, we are always looking for volunteers, if you have any ideas please contact us.

Nigel and Steve

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Bloomfield Drive - Bin

There is something missing from the photograph as well as the glass, that is the bin that used to be there !

We have been chasing up the council for months, finally having lost patience we asked a question at full council. It is sad that it has to come to this.

Question for Council, 21st February 2002Question from Councillor Nigel Roberts

The bin at the top of Bloomfield Drive, the junction with Frome Road, has been missing for many months, please could the Executive Member tell the residents when it is going to be replaced?

The litter bin will be replaced this week, before the Council Meeting. We have increased the budget for new and replacement bins by making efficiency savings elsewhere.

Saturday, 29 March 2008

14 bus

We have received a number of replies. Apologies there was meant to be a "retain things as they are" box which was missed out.

If this is the option you favour please just write on the back.

Bus shelter Bloomfield Road

We have had this reply from the council

This bus shelter is owned and maintained by Clearchannel (Adshel). I will be contacting Clearchannel to advise them that it has been damaged and to request the replacement of the pane. It should be replaced within 28 days

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Bus shelter Bloomfield Road

Yet another bus shelter has been vandalised, we have asked for this to be repaired with plastic rather than glass

Friday, 21 March 2008

Buses Bloomfield Drive/Road

Problems of buses in Bloomfield Drive has been raised several times, buses meeting each other and getting stuck, also that there are no buses running during the day in Bloomfield Road.

We are running a consultation, to see if those that live in area would like to see a change.

Th e previous consultation th e majority of respondents said they wanted buses to remain in Bloomfield Drive and not to have yellow lines to help the buses pass, due to current problem s of parking - There are two new suggestions and the option of remaining as things are now. Please indicate your view.

That buses go along Bloomfield Drive one way and return to town the other way through Bloomfield Road, or along Bloomfield Road and return via Bloomfield Drive.

The other option is this route is followed by every second bus, the rest following the current
route. This would mean it is less likely for buses to meet in Bloomfield Drive


Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Secondary School Changes

The council is carrying out a secondary school review. We are pleased that Culverhay is likely to be co-ed this is something we have long supported. If you have any views please contact us before the full council on Thursday 27th March or you can respond to the consultation.

The recommendation of the report for Bath are below:


Retain Beechen Cliff School and Hayesfield Technology College as single sex boys and girls 11-18 schools with co-educational post 16 provision.

Retain St. Gregory’s Catholic as an 11-16 co-educational Catholic school.

Retain Ralph Allen as a co-educational 11-18 school.

Consult on closing Culverhay and re-opening the school as a new 11-18 co-educational Community school or Academy on the current site. This would address the issue of parental demand for a higher number of coeducational places.

Consult on the closure of St Mark’s Church of England and Oldfield schools and opening a new 11-18 co-educational Church of England school in the north of the city. The consultation should determine the site for the school. This would address the issue of parental demand, and also factors including the high number of places at Oldfield which are currently filled by South Gloucestershire students.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Police Newsletter for March Available

Loaded at

Please let us know if you can't read it and we will send it in a different format

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Ridge Green Close

We have asked for the sign at the bottom of Wellsway Close to be repaired

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Youth Club - Update(2)

It is disappointing that the Conservative Executive Councillor seems to be claiming everything, when the reality is the council is doing very little.

BAPP are well advanced in sorting take over of the youth club, and will be looking for the building to be used by the community.

It appears that we will be getting some detached youth work, although it will be shared with Foxhill, 17 hours in total per week. This compares with the four sessions that ran in the youth club before the cuts.

We would like to thank Alan Bain who is making many things happen, without his enthusiasm things wouldn't be happening.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Flats behind Lympsham Green

The dog warden is to investigate the problems with dog mess on the grassed land behind the flats at Lympsham Green.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Yellow lines Somerdale View

Weather permitting they will be put down next week

Clark's section 106 money - £55,000

Section 106 money is money that given as part of a planning development. From the Clark's development there is £55,000.

This will be paid once the development is 50% The council has recently undertaken a site check regarding numbers and the 50% figure had at that time not been passed. There are a number of unoccupied and nearly complete properties and the council is due to make a further check shortly. If the occupation level has reached 50% the council will write to remind the developer of there obligations under the section 106 agreement.

We are committed that as the money is for community facilities in the Odd Down area, that local people will have a say in spending the money.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

17 hours selling alcohol

Tesco have applied for a licence to sell alcohol at their new convenience food store in Englishcombe Lane from 6am to 11pm. Southdown Councillors have been asking residents what they thought and have had almost universal concern about the length of time.

Alcohol is now being sold from so many stores and outlets often at discount and in promotions - is it any wonder that we have a binge drinking problem in society.

We need to start restricting sales both in terms of outlets and length of hours and discounts and promotions should certainly not be allowed.

Rubbish Cranmore Place

We have again reported the rubbish at the entrance to the alleyway at Cranmore Place next to the Link School.

Sign Fosse Gardens

The sign at Fosse Gardens has been vandalised, we have reported this to council connect for repair.

Council connect can be contacted on 394041 or

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Post Office Closures

Although we are lucky in Odd Down this post office is not due to close. In the west of the ward in Kingsway they have not been so lucky, losing two local post offices over the past few years.

If you want to say something about post office closures, a public meeting and online questionnaire, being organised by Bath & North East Somerset Council's Enterprise and Economic Development Overview and Scrutiny Panel, will provide the opportunity for people to share their views over the proposed plans that will determine the future of the Post Office network.

Bath & North East Somerset Council’s Enterprise and Economic Development (EED) Overview and Scrutiny Panel will hold the public meeting at 10 am on Tuesday, 18 March in the Banqueting room, Bath, Guildhall.

Cllr Nigel Roberts is a member of this panel, if you wish please contact me if you wish any comments to be passed on.

PACT Meeting

The Odd Down Partners & Communities Together (PACT) meeting on Tues, 12th Feb, at St. Philip’s School Hall centred on these priorities:

1. Anti-social behaviour outside the Co-op, Frome Road and Vernham Grove areas.

2. Possible ideas on the future of the Youth Club and needs of leisure activities for young people.

3. Traffic (especially in Bloomfield Drive) – speeding, buses and parking on pavements.

4. Litter – lack of cleaning and bins in the area.

Crossing Wellsway

The installation of the pedestrian crossing on the A367 Wellsway (o/s Burnt House Court) will start on site on 17th March, and last for approximately 4 weeks.
Temporary two-way traffic signals will e in operation during this time.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Police Newsletter

The local police team in Odd Down are producing a monthly newsletter. You can access it here

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

New bus pass for the over 60's

1. Does it start on April 1?   YES

2. Is a new card required or is the existing card ok? A new card will be required -Temporary cards will be issued to residents if our own cards are not ready in time, though there is believed to be a low risk of this happening.

3. Is a new start time of 9.30 effective on April 1? In the existing Diamond card area (ie former Avon area) the start time will remain at 9 am but outside the area it will be 9.30.

4. is it correct that from April 1 a bus pass will enable a holder to catch any local bus in this country and does this include Wales and Scotland as well? The new passes will apply to all local bus services in England. Seperate schemes will operate in Wales and Scotland and they are not interchangable.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Planning Application tro demolish Burnt House Cottages

Ward: Odd Down App Ref: 08/00493/FUL

Parish: N/A

Registered: 7th February 2008 Expiry Date: 3rd April 2008

Location: 6 Burnt House Cottages Old Fosse Road Odd Down Bath BA2 2SG

Grid Ref: (E)373457 - (N)161872 LB Grade: N/A

Proposal: Erection of 8 no. self-contained apartments with ancillary buildings and parking after demolition of 6 and 7 Burnt House Cottages

Officer: Mark Reynolds

Applicant: Western Challenge Housing Association

Agent: BBA Architects & Planners

Fao: Mr J Mutter
Christchurch Office
Spinnaker House
Grange Road
BH23 4J

Henrietta Mews

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Youth Club - Update

Bath Area Play Project BAPP- have expressed an interest in the youth club building. This does not mean that youth work will continue at the youth club.

BAPP are running a series of open meetings on the 6th March at 4 and 7 pm, everyone including children are invited.

BAPP run the summer clubs that normally run from Odd Down Youth Club.

As local councillors we welcome a community based not for profit organisation will take over the building. However, we are concerned that the council is just ducking out of its responsibilities, there are comments about detached youth work, but no mention of how much or for how long. There is clearly a need for youth work in the area, but yet again it appears this council wants to do everything on the cheap.

Monday, 11 February 2008

Yellow Lines

Following the consultation regarding yellow lines, the official order has been placed for the yellow lines at the entrance to Sulis Meadows and outside of the new Three Ways School.

BMX Track

We have received this update from the Council

"The track is finished but we are aware of the drainage issues around the track. The Council is planning some remedial work up there which will focus on improving the access route up to the Tumps and the Council think that this will also address some of the other drainage issues around the site. "

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Post Offices

The Government is undertaking another round of post office closures, with one fifth of the post offices due to be closed.

There are 13 post offices in Bath, that would mean 2/3 more to be closed. The official announcement will be made on 26th of February.

In the meantime Bath Lib Dems have set up an on line petition:

We believe that our local post offices play a vital role in our community. Whether you are collecting a pension, applying for a passport or just buying some stamps, our post offices are there for us.

The last Conservative Government closed 3500 post offices. Labour have already shut
4000 more. These new cuts will decimate the remaining network. More post offices are needed not less.

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Re-cycling collections Kingsway

We are concerned that Kingsway always seems to be left out at the end of re-cycling collections.

We are asking this question.

"As local ward councillors we receive numerous emails from residents about missed collections in the Kingsway area, especially as this appears to be the end of the route.

"Please could the executive member give assurances that the correct equipment will be provided and enough staff will be employed to ensure that all refuse collections and re-cycling collections will be completed on the correct day."

Clarks Factory

I thought you would like to see the current state of affairs regarding the Clarks Factory.

We intend to chase this up with the planning officer.

"Regarding the above site and the Commercial Development that is under construction, I have visited the site on three occasions in the last two weeks, on the first occasion I saw the Quantity Surveyor for the site Mr Reece Ford and raised the issue of whether the commercial development is being built according to the approved plans. From my own inspection of the site and consultations it appears at this early stage of the development that it is being built according to approved plans. However I will continue to monitor the site and I must admit that progress on the site is somewhat slow as on my two previous visits this part of the site was shut."

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Youth Club

Odd Down Councillors Nigel Roberts and Steve Hedges are calling on the Council not to shirk their responsibilities to the people of Odd Down. The Councillors want to see improvement works carried out on Odd Down Youth Club rather than its closure.

In the past, the youth club has been a focus of anti-social behaviour out of hours. The police wanted to place a mobile CCTV camera in the vicinity to help combat these problems, but have not been able to due to the lack of a large pole to which the camera could be attached.

There are also some minor works that need to be done to the youth club to secure the building properly and repair the guttering.

Cllr Nigel Roberts said: “The Council has a responsibility to the people of Odd Down. One small thing they could do is to erect a pole so the police can place a CCTV camera if required."

Cllr Steve Hedges added “This Conservative-controlled Council seems to be willing to ignore the verdict of the Odd Down PACT (Partners And Communities Together) meeting at which residents clearly said that anti-social behaviour in the area around the youth club is their priority. This Council needs to listen."

The Liberal Democrat Councillors for Odd Down are working to ensure that youth work provision continues in the Odd Down area.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Old Fosse Road Update Jan 2008

We are still pursuing the Council to improve the traffic calming in Old Fosse Road.

The officers acknowledge that things are not as good as they would like. The bumps in the road fit with the national traffic regulations.

We are awaiting a safety survey, which is due in 8 weeks time.

White lines Barrow Road/Eastover Grove Old Fosse Road

We are pushing for the council to put white lines to mark the priorities for the junctions of Barrow Road and Eastover Grove with Old Fosse Road.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Planning application for Doctors surgery passed

The council has passed the planning application for the expansion of the doctors surgery at Sulis Meadows, after the officers has recommend that it be turned down.

From the council papers

"The site adjoins an existing doctors’ surgery to the west of the site, and the proposal is to
convert the dwelling to form additional accommodation for the surgery, the dwelling to
provide two consulting rooms, an office and a reception and waiting area. The surfaced outdoor space within the curtilage would provide three parking spaces including a disabled space.

Conditions were added to support parking in the site.

We are believe this will help the community to have more facilities in Odd Down, there are a number of parking issues at the entrance to Odd Down, but we believe with careful planning this can be sorted out.

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Clare Gardens - pot holes

It seems that there are always pot holes at the entrance to Clare Gardens. There have been reported to council connect.

A pothole is a sharp edged depression in the carriageway greater than 30mm deep. The severity of a pothole is determined by the risk it poses to road users.

New PACT Meeting

The next Odd Down PACT (Partners And Communities Together) Meeting will be on Tuesday 12th February at 18.30.This will be held at St Philips Primary School Hall.

Everyone is invited.

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Stop the Construction of a Mass Burn Incinerator in Bristol

Join the Campaign to Stop the Construction of a Mass Burn Incinerator in Bristol!

Please help us put a stop to the planned construction of a Mass Burn Incinerator in Bristol. The construction of the Incinerator would be a major backward step in our efforts to make Bristol and Bath a Cleaner and Greener place to live.

We object to plans from the West of England Partnership, Bristol City Council, and surrounding councils to build a mass-burn incinerator in Avonmouth, Bristol. Incinerators are an outdated and wasteful solution as well as being harmful to the environment. Not only will it reduce incentives to recycle more household waste but it would lead to more freight traffic around Shirehampton and Avonmouth as waste is brought in from across the region to burn. To keep incinerators going they need to be feed with waste, this is waste that could be re-cycled.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Vandalised Bus Shelter Frome Road

Another vandalism of a bus shelter this time on Frome Road opposite the Clarks development. We are not sure why people do it, just adds to council tax.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Yellow Lines

The council is consulting on Yellow lines in Sulis Meadows to view the PDF click here

Also on Frome Road outside of the new Threeways School.

If you have any comments please contact us.