Thursday, 13 December 2007

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas to all of the readers of this Blog

Odd Down Playing fields - dog walking

Odd Down Playing fields are designated as a dog prohibited area. The council is proposing to allow walking to occur around the parameter until to April of next year (as this hasn't been enforced recently) and to enforce banning dogs after that.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Two Tunnels - get voting

This is the email sent out by the two tunnels group

A £50 million pot of lottery money is up for grabs this week - all to go to one of four projects competing for it in a TV vote - and you can help win it for the right project by voting now. The project I would like you to support is Sustrans' CONNECT2 - a large number of walking and cycling projects all over the country - new routes, new bridges, extra paths, extra links. Each will enable thousands of people to live greener lives - by enabling them to walk or cycle where they weren't able to before.
Internet voting for the People's £50m Lottery Giveaway has started - it happens at, Please register (click on login top right); then await a confirming email; then log in again and vote for the Sustrans Connect2 Project!

Part of the Connect2 scheme is our own exciting Two Tunnels Project here in Bath - opening up two defunct railway tunnels between Midford and Bath, under Combe Down, to create a direct, level, interesting route for walking and cycling where there was none before. It will link to the Bath to Bristol greenway in the north and to the walking and cycle route to Wellow, Shoscombe, Radstock and Frome in the south; and to many schools, green spaces, a railway station and other popular destinations in between (it will be 4 miles long). The cost is £1.8m - and if Sustrans Connect2 wins their £50m, that's £1m for our project!

Office Building at Clark's Development

A number of residents have expressed concern at the new office building that is being built at the Clark's Development, whether this be the size of the building and its looks as well as it blocking television signals.

We are due to meet the planning officers on the site to discuss what has been going on.

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Odd Down Youth Club - CLOSED

The council appears to want to close Odd Down Youth Club, read the press release here

As we have reported before one of the big issues from the Partners and Communities Together (PACT) Meetings has been problems with young people. The closure of the youth club will hit hard any attempts to solve this problem. What is worse there are appear to be no plans of what is going to replace the youth club.

From the press release

"The reform of Youth Services is being prompted by the need to create a flexible, dynamic and responsive service in line with the aspirations of local residents, and the requirement to live within the financial means of the Council."

It appears this is more motivated by money that it is by "the need to create a flexible, dynamic and responsive service in line with the aspirations of local residents" as we should know what is going to replace it before they announced its closure. It is sad since the Conservatives have taken all the places on the executive of the Council we have these sorts of closures, cuts in areas such as highway maintenance, and less opportunity to question them as they have halved the meetings.

Urban Extension part(2)

The governments Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) proposes that extra housing should be met via an urban extension to Bath.

The council believes redistributing the entire shortfall to other parts of the district would result in much more commuting into the City as a large proportion of those households will seek jobs that will be generated in Bath.

Ear-marking the countryside for development is a highly sensitive and emotive issue for any town or city. Bath is tightly surrounded by the Green Belt, and much of the countryside surrounding Bath is designated as Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and that which is not is an attractive rural landscape. The UNESCO citation for Bath refers to the setting of the World Heritage Site as key feature.

The site search area is enclosed. What it doesn't include are the fields around Sulis Meadows. For some reason, we do not know the reason why, but this areas is included in the AONB while other areas are not.

It is our intention to write objecting to the urban extension. We have opposed this at council meetings, as we believe that "tagging" houses on the outside of Bath, without the right roads, shops, schools is wrong, as well as building on Greenfield sites is wrong. This will not be a sustainable development, where are the jobs for these people ?

This is is just about producing houses, not homes. It will do nothing to solve the housing problems in Bath as none of these houses will be affordable.

For more information please contact one of us or

Consultation is until 17 December a form can be filled on line at