Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Crossing Wellsway

The works to the crossing outside the new development at the Burnt House was postponed while the works took place.

We have had the following update from the council officer in charge.

"We have been monitoring progress on the development for the last couple of months, and would agree that it is almost complete. Unfortunately due to other comittments, I am currently unable to provide a definitive start date, but at a guess I would hope to commence on site early new year."

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

20 mph zones - Twenty is Plenty

Odd Down Liberal Democrats are calling for a 20 mph speed limit to be introduced for all residential areas in Odd Down/Kingsway to cut accident rates and improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians.

A report released by the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety has recommended the default limit to be implemented in built up areas across the country, but Lib Dems are calling for the Council to blaze a trail by implementing the scheme straight away. Reports from Portsmouth, where the Lib Dem-run Council was the first in the country to introduce the speed limit for residential roads, have been very positive: residents’ reactions to the scheme have been overwhelmingly positive.

Councillors Nigel Roberts and Steve Hedges said:

“The introduction of a single 20 mph speed limit in all residential areas would make a major contribution towards reducing the number of accidents, deaths and injuries on our roads, as well as helping to encourage walking and cycling. The difference between the damage done by a car travelling at 20 mph compared to 30 mph is the difference between life and death.”

“The Liberal Democrats have long been calling for stronger speed restrictions in built up areas to improve safety. Liberal Democrats in Portsmouth introduced the reduced limit because 30 mph limits are inappropriate in the narrow streets with on-street parking of residential areas. We have very similar issues in Bath.”

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Crossing Frome Road

Residents have expressed concern that the amount of time that the crossing in Frome Road allows to get across the road is too short.

We are taking this up with the Council.

Old Fosse Road Traffic Calming Update(6)

Steve is meeting with traffic officers, on Friday 2 November 2007, from the Police and the Council to look at the traffic calming for Old Fosse Road, in particular the side of the speed humps and the roundabout at the upper Bloomfield Road junction.

Please contact us if you have any other comments.

BMX track officially open

The BMX track on the Tumps is now officially open. Thanks to the hard work of Steve Nippard.

Originally built in the 1960s, the track is now at regional competition standard following eight weeks of work by one of the country’s top BMX track builders, Steve Jenks of Tiverton. Young people from the BMX group also worked with the track builder to help shape the design of the track.

Allotments at rear of Bloomfield Drive(2)

The Council is calling them Corston View to avoid confusion with Bloomfield Road allotments.

We would dearly like to get these works done late 2007 / early 2008 so that we can get the site into use spring 2008. There is currently a waiting list of 25 people which will more than full the site up.2008 is the 100 year anniversary of the first municipal allotments in Bath (at Larkhall) as well as the 100 anniversary of the Allotment Act that made provision a statutory duty. The Council is hoping that the reopening of this site will add to the celebrations throughout the year.

The only barrier is we need to find £12377.4 to get the works done. One possible option is to use the money that came from the development at the Clark's site.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Local Transport Improvements

When the flats at the Burnt House Public House were built £10,000 was given to the Council for local transport improvements, Cllrs Nigel Roberts and Steve Hedges are trying to find out what happened to the money.

Old Fosse Road Traffic Calming Update(5)

Cllr Nigel Roberts has asked the Cllr Charles Gerrish council executive member for transport what is happening about enforcement of weight limits, especially thinking of Old Fosse Road.

Neighbourhood Working

The council is moving towards Neighbourhood Working. It has moved together refuse collection and street cleaning into a neighbourhood team. The Odd Down team is headed by Bill Walter.

This is a good thing as it should allow co-ordination of action of several parts of the council rather than each team operating in isolation.

It is just sad that just as the Council starts to bring Neighbourhood Working for lots of its services, the Conservative executive has abolished the Neighbourhood Working decision making that used to exist, local decisions made locally no more.

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Old Fosse Road Traffic Calming Update(4)

Several residents have pointed out that the speed bumps in the road are not very wide and it is possible to pass quite quickly, without any discomfort, across the speed humps.

We have informed the council, who are currently carrying out a traffic survey to assess the impact of the scheme.

Nigel and Steve

Bus Stop repair - Ambleside Road

We have asked for the bus stop near number 50 Ambleside Road to be repaired before it falls off !

Bloomfield Drive - Buses

There has long been a problem with buses in Bloomfield Drive. When we have spoken to residents the majority want buses to remain, however they would like smaller buses, something First have refused to do.

Yellow lines to help the buses pass would mean less places to park.

The council is currently thinking of yellow lines at the junction of Bloomfield Drive and Frome Road to help buses get into Bloomfield Drive.

We have been speaking to council officers for several months, However in other areas where there is a similar situation with parked cars and problems with bus access drivers have been instructed to wait at a specific location on the road until the other bus has passed them. This could be the Junction of Bloomfield Drive, Somerdale Avenue and Corston View ?

We will keep you informed, Nigel and Steve

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Double Yellow lines to assist Buses(2)

We have published the proposals at:

Please send us back any feedback

PACT Meeting

The PACT meeting (Partners and Community Together) meeting took place on 4th October at St. Philip's School Hall, where 39 people came along.

Our priorities for the next few months are:

ASB Young people
Youth Work

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Bus Shelters part (2)

The bus stops in Odd Down need a little attention, it is pleasing to see the new shelters that have been put in Rush Hill, bit often stop don't have times tables, such as the one out side of Culverhay School, or are unreadable, Georgian View or alternatively falling off Ambleside Road.

The public transport section of the council has been decimated of staff, and it appears the new executive is not replacing staff as a back hand way of saving money.

Another thing that Nigel and Steve have reported to the council.

Bus Shelters

There has been a spate of vandalism of bus shelters, the Shelters at Bloomfield Drive and Bloomfield Road have been both been vandalised, the Bloomfield Drive shleter twice. As was raised at the PACT meeting, we can't understand why replace the glass each time ? Would it not be better to use something that won't break ?

Nigel and Steve have contacted the council, we will post their reply.

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Sulis Meadows Adoption (Part 3)

Communication from the council things are moving, but very slowly.

The major issue is it appears the boundary's of the estate are not known and the solicitors are going back to the deeds.

We are trying to get a meeting with Knightstone Housing Association (Owners of Fosse Gardens and Fullers Way), the council and Crest to try and move things forward.

We not happy with why things are taking so long.