Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Lympsham Green missing bin fiasco update

After nearly five months of trying we have been promised 2 new waste bins behind the flats at Lympsham Green. (Which should be in place by the end of the week?)

Five or so months ago contractors ran over the waste bins that were already there, and because of contractor problems and work load the new bins had not been installed.
Cllr Steve Hedges said “ It was like waiting for Christmas, I did wonder which would come first.”

Update on new crossing at Frome Road

We have been told by our highways officers that a power source will be in place no later than end of play on Sunday the 30th of September and the new crossing will be working.

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Problems with new traffic crossing at Frome Road

Your local councilors find it hard to believe that the contractors who are installing the new pelican crossing have removed the old crossing before the new one is up and running.
Cllr Steve Hedges and Cllr Nigel Roberts Have told the council that a child and an elderly woman were nearly hit by cars when trying to cross the road on the new crossing, we have insisted that a temporary power source should be found or the zebra crossing should be re – painted as soon as possible to ensure the safety of our residents.
Council officers have told us that the are in contact with the contractors and agree with our comments and will be instructing them to act quickly.
The problem with the new crossing is that the power supply is insufficient to operate the crossing and the power company are trying ( they say ) to get it sorted out by the 21st of October, In the mean time your local Councillors will keep forcing the issue.

Monday, 24 September 2007

Old Fosse Road Traffic Calming Update(3)

Having seen the work so far we have concern about the size of the speed cushions, in that it is easy to drive over them with no need to slow down, although it appears some drivers are going slower.

We have raised this with the traffic safety team of the Council who are looking into what can be done.

Sunday, 23 September 2007

New soak – a – way at Corston View

Due to all the heavy rain we have had during the summer the Council have put in a new drain at the bottom of Corston View in the parking area by the private road to the farm.
There will be a big soak – a – way installed next to the drain, these works are necessary to prevent large amounts of rain water running down the private road to the farm buildings. Drains close to the bungalows are due to be cleaned out as are the weeds in the gullies.

Odd Down PACT meeting 4th October

The next Odd Down PACT meeting will be on 4th October at St. Philip's School.

As a reminder of the priorities from last time:

PACT Action Meeting

1.Youth related anti-social behaviour (concentrating on Vernham Grove, Wansdyke Road, Odin’s Road)
2. More police in the evenings and weekends
3. Youth problems- drink and drugs

Steve and Nigel both feel not enough has been done to support the local beat manager. We have been trying to get Somer to take action in Vernham Grove park to remove the parking bays and generally make the park more open. We both suspect nothing substantual will happen until the park is returned to the council, see online petition

With the cuts in youth service, allegedly the biggest in England, we don't know what the future of the youth club is going to be.

We continue to raise these issues at the highest level in the Council and with the police.

Bus lane - Park and Ride Roundabout

The council is proposing to create a 24 hours bus lane along the Peasedown Road into Bath. Originally this had included an outward part along the land that Crest owns opposite St. Gregory's School, but that has now been dropped.

It does mean a change at the park and ride roundabout, but it should lead to a speedier bus journey. There will be CCTV cameras to enforce the bus lane.

The money for this is part of the Greater Bristol Transport Plan ( They could have thought up a better title) and as such will come from the Government not from the Council.

We have plans if you want to see them, Nigel and Steve.

Sunday, 16 September 2007


There have been a number of rubbish bins missing in Odd Down, some since February, Upper Bloomfield Road. We continue to ask what is happening.

We understand that there is a backlog and eventually these bins will be installed.

Nigel and Steve

Double Yellow lines to assist Buses

The council is in the early stages of looking at double yellow lines in: Georgian View, Ambleside Road, Bloomfield Drive, Banwell Road and Cranmore Place to assist buses getting past.

The yellow lines are generally the side of the road that where most people don't park. We will be dropping off leaflets in the roads potentially affected to show the changes.

This is an initial consultation. There will be a formal consultation later in the year if there are not too many objections.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Saturday, 15 September 2007

St Martin's Gardens - Update

We are pleased at the Full Council last Thursday the Council agreed to stop St. Martin's School Primary from being pulled down and redeveloped.

Nigel and Steve would like to pay credit to all the residents that fought to keep St. Martin's school safe from bulldozers and supermarkets.

This will allow St. Martin's Gardens to plan ahead and keep the £2 million of development, sure start and Margaret Coates Centre, that has taken place on the site safe.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

New traffic control crossing outside St Phillips School.

When Clarks old factory site was re-developed there was a pot of money put aside which was part of what is called a section 106 agreement, some of this money is being used for the Old Fosse Road traffic improvements and some for the new traffic control crossing outside St Philips School in Frome Road.
Cllr Steve Hedges has been in contact with Highway officers and has been assured that the crossing will only Beep during school times and not all through the night or early mornings. However both Cllr Steve Hedges and Cllr Nigel Roberts would like to hear from residents if this is not the case.