Sunday, 22 July 2007

Police and Council ignore Odd Down Residents

Today I tried again to phone the police but no joy, I also tried to ring the Councils emergency phone number after 20mins I gave up. last night we had 30 youths all drunk, smashing glass swearing, kicking doors, in and around the Youth Club in Odins road, and this went on until about 1-30am when the police were called (they answered within 5 minutes) but never showed up. I was told by residents that a Police car was parked up at the park and ride and never moved ( However I did not see this myself ) I got so angry that I called the Bath Chronicle and went to Odd Down and cleared up the glass and beer cans myself. Residents also suffer this at weekends in the Vernham Grove Playarea Cllr Nigel Roberts and I are working towards getting the playarea back under the control of the Council

If any resident of Odd Down or for that matter BANES have had trouble getting through to the police none emergency phone number or the Councils out of hours emergency number would you please let Cllr Steve Hedges or Cllr Nigel Roberts know.

Cllr Nigel Roberts
11 Old Newbridge Hill
Tel 01225 336366

Cllr Steve Hedges
5 Oak Avenue
Tel 01225 358622

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