Thursday, 13 December 2007

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas to all of the readers of this Blog

Odd Down Playing fields - dog walking

Odd Down Playing fields are designated as a dog prohibited area. The council is proposing to allow walking to occur around the parameter until to April of next year (as this hasn't been enforced recently) and to enforce banning dogs after that.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Two Tunnels - get voting

This is the email sent out by the two tunnels group

A £50 million pot of lottery money is up for grabs this week - all to go to one of four projects competing for it in a TV vote - and you can help win it for the right project by voting now. The project I would like you to support is Sustrans' CONNECT2 - a large number of walking and cycling projects all over the country - new routes, new bridges, extra paths, extra links. Each will enable thousands of people to live greener lives - by enabling them to walk or cycle where they weren't able to before.
Internet voting for the People's £50m Lottery Giveaway has started - it happens at, Please register (click on login top right); then await a confirming email; then log in again and vote for the Sustrans Connect2 Project!

Part of the Connect2 scheme is our own exciting Two Tunnels Project here in Bath - opening up two defunct railway tunnels between Midford and Bath, under Combe Down, to create a direct, level, interesting route for walking and cycling where there was none before. It will link to the Bath to Bristol greenway in the north and to the walking and cycle route to Wellow, Shoscombe, Radstock and Frome in the south; and to many schools, green spaces, a railway station and other popular destinations in between (it will be 4 miles long). The cost is £1.8m - and if Sustrans Connect2 wins their £50m, that's £1m for our project!

Office Building at Clark's Development

A number of residents have expressed concern at the new office building that is being built at the Clark's Development, whether this be the size of the building and its looks as well as it blocking television signals.

We are due to meet the planning officers on the site to discuss what has been going on.

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Odd Down Youth Club - CLOSED

The council appears to want to close Odd Down Youth Club, read the press release here

As we have reported before one of the big issues from the Partners and Communities Together (PACT) Meetings has been problems with young people. The closure of the youth club will hit hard any attempts to solve this problem. What is worse there are appear to be no plans of what is going to replace the youth club.

From the press release

"The reform of Youth Services is being prompted by the need to create a flexible, dynamic and responsive service in line with the aspirations of local residents, and the requirement to live within the financial means of the Council."

It appears this is more motivated by money that it is by "the need to create a flexible, dynamic and responsive service in line with the aspirations of local residents" as we should know what is going to replace it before they announced its closure. It is sad since the Conservatives have taken all the places on the executive of the Council we have these sorts of closures, cuts in areas such as highway maintenance, and less opportunity to question them as they have halved the meetings.

Urban Extension part(2)

The governments Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) proposes that extra housing should be met via an urban extension to Bath.

The council believes redistributing the entire shortfall to other parts of the district would result in much more commuting into the City as a large proportion of those households will seek jobs that will be generated in Bath.

Ear-marking the countryside for development is a highly sensitive and emotive issue for any town or city. Bath is tightly surrounded by the Green Belt, and much of the countryside surrounding Bath is designated as Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and that which is not is an attractive rural landscape. The UNESCO citation for Bath refers to the setting of the World Heritage Site as key feature.

The site search area is enclosed. What it doesn't include are the fields around Sulis Meadows. For some reason, we do not know the reason why, but this areas is included in the AONB while other areas are not.

It is our intention to write objecting to the urban extension. We have opposed this at council meetings, as we believe that "tagging" houses on the outside of Bath, without the right roads, shops, schools is wrong, as well as building on Greenfield sites is wrong. This will not be a sustainable development, where are the jobs for these people ?

This is is just about producing houses, not homes. It will do nothing to solve the housing problems in Bath as none of these houses will be affordable.

For more information please contact one of us or

Consultation is until 17 December a form can be filled on line at

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Two Tunnels

There is in front of the council a planning application to re-open two tunnels that will allow access via cycle and walking to Midford from Bath.

A little over 4 miles of shared-use path, built on an existing disused rail line involving one substantial viaduct and two tunnels, one of over a mile in length. Much of the route above ground already has public access in one form or another.

Substantial parts of the route (Linear Park, Lyncombe Vale, Tucking Mill to Midford) already have public access of some sort (see below). Completion of the through route would connect NCN 24 at Midford to the centre of Bath via a route which is approximately five miles shorter than currently available, and create an attainable circular path passing from countryside to city and back. In its current state, the route forms a theme for a pleasant exploration that you'll enjoy if you're fit - a refreshing addition to the usual expectations of the city.

However, it could offer a far better experience - and to a wider range of people. For now, whether you're a visitor or resident, an exploration is recommended as a way to augment the usual perspectives on the City of Bath - but it would benefit everyone involved if the route offered a continuous and easily graded path.

For more information

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Urban Extension

As part of the 15,000 houses that Bath and North East Somerset have been told by the Government that they need to build, around 1000 are due to be built in an urban extension somewhere on the south west of Bath, the area of building is unknown.

A meeting was held at Culverhay School 20 November to discuss the urban extension.

A number of questions were asked at the meeting.

1. AONB vs. Green Belt: In essence, the difference is that AONBs are about protecting landscape Character and Green Belts are about protecting openness'. AONBs are designated by Natural England to protect the natural beauty of their landscape & countryside. Development can take place in these areas provided this overarching objective is met. Major developments should not take place except in exceptional circumstances. (National policy is set out in PPS 7 para 21 to 23 - see link below)
2. Brownfield land is defined by the Government in PPS3 as "Previously-developed land is that which is or was occupied by a permanent structure, including the curtilage of the developed land and any associated fixed surface infrastructure.’ It could therefore potentially be any derelict site or a site in current use which comes forward for development. It is therefore difficult to list . As you know, the Local Plan allocates some of the key brownfield sites for redevelopment. However, all local authorities are required to undertake a Housing Land Availability Assessment which we are currently working on and which should be public by Spring next year . In the meantime the best information that is available is the background evidence submitted to the RS EiP which lists key brownfield redevelopment opportunities in the urban areas and can be found at http://cis/NR/rdonlyres/F4B9E089-88A3-4AF9-84DA-409A489A2A09/0/3RSSUrbanCapacityResults.pdf
3. Land at South Stoke: This land is in the Green Belt & AONB & is subject to those policies of restraint. This land is NOT included in the RSS urban extension Area of Search but we await the RSS Examination in Public panel's report due in January 2008 for their response to the arguments put before them. The landowners have been unsuccessful in getting the land removed from the Green Belt and allocated for development through challenges to a number of previous Local Plans. I am not aware of any current planning application.
4. World Heritage Site Buffer Zone: Is to be clarified.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

ASB in Bath - Culverhay Meeting

There is a meeting at Culverhay School organised by the CO-OP. From the flyer.

‘Respect’ in Bath We would like your ideas on how we can make Bath a better place to live

Friday 23 November 2007 5.30pm - 7.30pm

How could Bath be made a better place?
Are you worried about crime or anti-social behaviour? Have you got any good ideas about what can be done? Come along to our event on Friday 23 November 2007 at 5.30pm, have your say and listen to the views of our panel:

Chair: Don Foster MP

We are particularly interested in ideas that would help tackle the problems associated with anti-social behaviour in your local community and encourage ‘respect’. Whether you are old or
young, what can be done to improve Bath? We cannot promise the world but we will listen to all the ideas put forward and look for ways to work together to find solutions. The Co-operative is not an ordinary retailer – we return our profits to our members and the communities in which we trade. To become a member or find out more, visit

If you want to come please contact

Mr Chris Griffiths
The Co-operative
EX15 2DY
Alternatively, please telephone 01884 266 892 or email your booking
details to: chris.griffiths at

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Wellsway Crossing

When the Burnt House pub was re-developed £12,500 was given for "the improvement of public transport" This has been spent on three bus stops, with a bus shelter to be built shortly. Also money has been spent on general footpath repairs.

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Weight Limit enforcement

It appears that the number of lorries using the Old Fosse area has reduced.

Having asked a question at the council executive about enforcing the weight limit on Old Fosse Road and the surrounding roads. We have received this response.

"It is only the police that can enforce this type of restriction (Wright Limit)" We have therefore asked the police to look at weight of vehicles in the Old Fosse Road.

Friday, 9 November 2007

Rabbit Cull - Odd Down Playing fields

The council will be carrying out a controlled rabbit cull on Odd Down playing fields and the Tumps at the end of November

Sunday, 4 November 2007

White lines

There are a number of places where there are no white lines to indicate priority. We have been in touch with the Council, they have agreed to look at Sulis Meadows, also the junction of Barrow Road and Old Fosse Road.

If there is anywhere else let one of us know.

Zero Waste Week

The Council is running Zero Waste Week from Monday 26 November through to Sunday 2 December. The aim of the week is to see how little you can throw in the rubbish bin by trying to reduce, reuse, recycle and compost as much as possible instead.

If you
or anyone you know would be interested in taking part, please Sarah Geroge know (Details below) and she will send you out a Zero Waste pack with further information and a record form.

Sarah_George at BATHNES.GOV.UK

Waste Campaigns Officer
01225 394394

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Crossing Wellsway

The works to the crossing outside the new development at the Burnt House was postponed while the works took place.

We have had the following update from the council officer in charge.

"We have been monitoring progress on the development for the last couple of months, and would agree that it is almost complete. Unfortunately due to other comittments, I am currently unable to provide a definitive start date, but at a guess I would hope to commence on site early new year."

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

20 mph zones - Twenty is Plenty

Odd Down Liberal Democrats are calling for a 20 mph speed limit to be introduced for all residential areas in Odd Down/Kingsway to cut accident rates and improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians.

A report released by the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety has recommended the default limit to be implemented in built up areas across the country, but Lib Dems are calling for the Council to blaze a trail by implementing the scheme straight away. Reports from Portsmouth, where the Lib Dem-run Council was the first in the country to introduce the speed limit for residential roads, have been very positive: residents’ reactions to the scheme have been overwhelmingly positive.

Councillors Nigel Roberts and Steve Hedges said:

“The introduction of a single 20 mph speed limit in all residential areas would make a major contribution towards reducing the number of accidents, deaths and injuries on our roads, as well as helping to encourage walking and cycling. The difference between the damage done by a car travelling at 20 mph compared to 30 mph is the difference between life and death.”

“The Liberal Democrats have long been calling for stronger speed restrictions in built up areas to improve safety. Liberal Democrats in Portsmouth introduced the reduced limit because 30 mph limits are inappropriate in the narrow streets with on-street parking of residential areas. We have very similar issues in Bath.”

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Crossing Frome Road

Residents have expressed concern that the amount of time that the crossing in Frome Road allows to get across the road is too short.

We are taking this up with the Council.

Old Fosse Road Traffic Calming Update(6)

Steve is meeting with traffic officers, on Friday 2 November 2007, from the Police and the Council to look at the traffic calming for Old Fosse Road, in particular the side of the speed humps and the roundabout at the upper Bloomfield Road junction.

Please contact us if you have any other comments.

BMX track officially open

The BMX track on the Tumps is now officially open. Thanks to the hard work of Steve Nippard.

Originally built in the 1960s, the track is now at regional competition standard following eight weeks of work by one of the country’s top BMX track builders, Steve Jenks of Tiverton. Young people from the BMX group also worked with the track builder to help shape the design of the track.

Allotments at rear of Bloomfield Drive(2)

The Council is calling them Corston View to avoid confusion with Bloomfield Road allotments.

We would dearly like to get these works done late 2007 / early 2008 so that we can get the site into use spring 2008. There is currently a waiting list of 25 people which will more than full the site up.2008 is the 100 year anniversary of the first municipal allotments in Bath (at Larkhall) as well as the 100 anniversary of the Allotment Act that made provision a statutory duty. The Council is hoping that the reopening of this site will add to the celebrations throughout the year.

The only barrier is we need to find £12377.4 to get the works done. One possible option is to use the money that came from the development at the Clark's site.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Local Transport Improvements

When the flats at the Burnt House Public House were built £10,000 was given to the Council for local transport improvements, Cllrs Nigel Roberts and Steve Hedges are trying to find out what happened to the money.

Old Fosse Road Traffic Calming Update(5)

Cllr Nigel Roberts has asked the Cllr Charles Gerrish council executive member for transport what is happening about enforcement of weight limits, especially thinking of Old Fosse Road.

Neighbourhood Working

The council is moving towards Neighbourhood Working. It has moved together refuse collection and street cleaning into a neighbourhood team. The Odd Down team is headed by Bill Walter.

This is a good thing as it should allow co-ordination of action of several parts of the council rather than each team operating in isolation.

It is just sad that just as the Council starts to bring Neighbourhood Working for lots of its services, the Conservative executive has abolished the Neighbourhood Working decision making that used to exist, local decisions made locally no more.

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Old Fosse Road Traffic Calming Update(4)

Several residents have pointed out that the speed bumps in the road are not very wide and it is possible to pass quite quickly, without any discomfort, across the speed humps.

We have informed the council, who are currently carrying out a traffic survey to assess the impact of the scheme.

Nigel and Steve

Bus Stop repair - Ambleside Road

We have asked for the bus stop near number 50 Ambleside Road to be repaired before it falls off !

Bloomfield Drive - Buses

There has long been a problem with buses in Bloomfield Drive. When we have spoken to residents the majority want buses to remain, however they would like smaller buses, something First have refused to do.

Yellow lines to help the buses pass would mean less places to park.

The council is currently thinking of yellow lines at the junction of Bloomfield Drive and Frome Road to help buses get into Bloomfield Drive.

We have been speaking to council officers for several months, However in other areas where there is a similar situation with parked cars and problems with bus access drivers have been instructed to wait at a specific location on the road until the other bus has passed them. This could be the Junction of Bloomfield Drive, Somerdale Avenue and Corston View ?

We will keep you informed, Nigel and Steve

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Double Yellow lines to assist Buses(2)

We have published the proposals at:

Please send us back any feedback

PACT Meeting

The PACT meeting (Partners and Community Together) meeting took place on 4th October at St. Philip's School Hall, where 39 people came along.

Our priorities for the next few months are:

ASB Young people
Youth Work

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Bus Shelters part (2)

The bus stops in Odd Down need a little attention, it is pleasing to see the new shelters that have been put in Rush Hill, bit often stop don't have times tables, such as the one out side of Culverhay School, or are unreadable, Georgian View or alternatively falling off Ambleside Road.

The public transport section of the council has been decimated of staff, and it appears the new executive is not replacing staff as a back hand way of saving money.

Another thing that Nigel and Steve have reported to the council.

Bus Shelters

There has been a spate of vandalism of bus shelters, the Shelters at Bloomfield Drive and Bloomfield Road have been both been vandalised, the Bloomfield Drive shleter twice. As was raised at the PACT meeting, we can't understand why replace the glass each time ? Would it not be better to use something that won't break ?

Nigel and Steve have contacted the council, we will post their reply.

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Sulis Meadows Adoption (Part 3)

Communication from the council things are moving, but very slowly.

The major issue is it appears the boundary's of the estate are not known and the solicitors are going back to the deeds.

We are trying to get a meeting with Knightstone Housing Association (Owners of Fosse Gardens and Fullers Way), the council and Crest to try and move things forward.

We not happy with why things are taking so long.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Lympsham Green missing bin fiasco update

After nearly five months of trying we have been promised 2 new waste bins behind the flats at Lympsham Green. (Which should be in place by the end of the week?)

Five or so months ago contractors ran over the waste bins that were already there, and because of contractor problems and work load the new bins had not been installed.
Cllr Steve Hedges said “ It was like waiting for Christmas, I did wonder which would come first.”

Update on new crossing at Frome Road

We have been told by our highways officers that a power source will be in place no later than end of play on Sunday the 30th of September and the new crossing will be working.

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Problems with new traffic crossing at Frome Road

Your local councilors find it hard to believe that the contractors who are installing the new pelican crossing have removed the old crossing before the new one is up and running.
Cllr Steve Hedges and Cllr Nigel Roberts Have told the council that a child and an elderly woman were nearly hit by cars when trying to cross the road on the new crossing, we have insisted that a temporary power source should be found or the zebra crossing should be re – painted as soon as possible to ensure the safety of our residents.
Council officers have told us that the are in contact with the contractors and agree with our comments and will be instructing them to act quickly.
The problem with the new crossing is that the power supply is insufficient to operate the crossing and the power company are trying ( they say ) to get it sorted out by the 21st of October, In the mean time your local Councillors will keep forcing the issue.

Monday, 24 September 2007

Old Fosse Road Traffic Calming Update(3)

Having seen the work so far we have concern about the size of the speed cushions, in that it is easy to drive over them with no need to slow down, although it appears some drivers are going slower.

We have raised this with the traffic safety team of the Council who are looking into what can be done.

Sunday, 23 September 2007

New soak – a – way at Corston View

Due to all the heavy rain we have had during the summer the Council have put in a new drain at the bottom of Corston View in the parking area by the private road to the farm.
There will be a big soak – a – way installed next to the drain, these works are necessary to prevent large amounts of rain water running down the private road to the farm buildings. Drains close to the bungalows are due to be cleaned out as are the weeds in the gullies.

Odd Down PACT meeting 4th October

The next Odd Down PACT meeting will be on 4th October at St. Philip's School.

As a reminder of the priorities from last time:

PACT Action Meeting

1.Youth related anti-social behaviour (concentrating on Vernham Grove, Wansdyke Road, Odin’s Road)
2. More police in the evenings and weekends
3. Youth problems- drink and drugs

Steve and Nigel both feel not enough has been done to support the local beat manager. We have been trying to get Somer to take action in Vernham Grove park to remove the parking bays and generally make the park more open. We both suspect nothing substantual will happen until the park is returned to the council, see online petition

With the cuts in youth service, allegedly the biggest in England, we don't know what the future of the youth club is going to be.

We continue to raise these issues at the highest level in the Council and with the police.

Bus lane - Park and Ride Roundabout

The council is proposing to create a 24 hours bus lane along the Peasedown Road into Bath. Originally this had included an outward part along the land that Crest owns opposite St. Gregory's School, but that has now been dropped.

It does mean a change at the park and ride roundabout, but it should lead to a speedier bus journey. There will be CCTV cameras to enforce the bus lane.

The money for this is part of the Greater Bristol Transport Plan ( They could have thought up a better title) and as such will come from the Government not from the Council.

We have plans if you want to see them, Nigel and Steve.

Sunday, 16 September 2007


There have been a number of rubbish bins missing in Odd Down, some since February, Upper Bloomfield Road. We continue to ask what is happening.

We understand that there is a backlog and eventually these bins will be installed.

Nigel and Steve

Double Yellow lines to assist Buses

The council is in the early stages of looking at double yellow lines in: Georgian View, Ambleside Road, Bloomfield Drive, Banwell Road and Cranmore Place to assist buses getting past.

The yellow lines are generally the side of the road that where most people don't park. We will be dropping off leaflets in the roads potentially affected to show the changes.

This is an initial consultation. There will be a formal consultation later in the year if there are not too many objections.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Saturday, 15 September 2007

St Martin's Gardens - Update

We are pleased at the Full Council last Thursday the Council agreed to stop St. Martin's School Primary from being pulled down and redeveloped.

Nigel and Steve would like to pay credit to all the residents that fought to keep St. Martin's school safe from bulldozers and supermarkets.

This will allow St. Martin's Gardens to plan ahead and keep the £2 million of development, sure start and Margaret Coates Centre, that has taken place on the site safe.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

New traffic control crossing outside St Phillips School.

When Clarks old factory site was re-developed there was a pot of money put aside which was part of what is called a section 106 agreement, some of this money is being used for the Old Fosse Road traffic improvements and some for the new traffic control crossing outside St Philips School in Frome Road.
Cllr Steve Hedges has been in contact with Highway officers and has been assured that the crossing will only Beep during school times and not all through the night or early mornings. However both Cllr Steve Hedges and Cllr Nigel Roberts would like to hear from residents if this is not the case.

Friday, 31 August 2007

Community Speed Watch

We have had a problem with speeding cars and large lorries in Rush Hill for a long time. Nigel and Steve have been trying to sort out these problems as a result 30 mph roundrels and slow down signs are already in place, these are starting to make a difference, but there remains a serious problem.

Avon and Somerset Police operate a scheme called Community Speed Watch, its objectives are below.

Community Speed Watch schemes aim to share the responsibility for addressing speed related offending between the community, the police and other agencies. Schemes will consist of active members of the local community joining together to monitor speed at selected locations with speed monitoring equipment. Volunteers will receive the appropriate training supported by local Beat Managers, Police Community Support Officers, Special Constables and the Road Policing Unit.

Maybe this is something else for Rush Hill ?

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Sulis Meadows Adoption (Part 2)

The council is still awaiting a response from Bill Heaney at Crest, last time it took a letter from Don Foster MP to get things moving, lets hope it is just August and we will have something positive to announce in September.

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Allotments at rear of Bloomfield Drive

It looks like there will again be no money for the allotments at the rear of Bloomfield Drive, sometimes know as Corston View or Stirtingale Farm. It is disappointing when only something between £5,000-£10,000 is required, and there clear is a demand that nothing is happening.

There is now no free spaces for this allotment with 23 people already on the waiting list, this despite it not being advertised.

We are looking to see if some of the money from the Clark's development can be used to open the allotments for next year.

Steve and Nigel would welcome any resident's views.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Upgrade for the Surgery in Sulis Meadows

The doctors at Combe Down have made a planning application to expand the surgery in Sulis Meadows, this is something Steve and Nigel support. A previous application was refused as it means the loss of the house at East Lodge, Sulis Manor Road.

We have a shortage of housing in Bath, but with the extra housing at Clark's, St. Martin's and Burnt House we have a lot of extra housing in Odd Down, and if it means less visits to the surgery in Combe Down then that must be a good thing.

If you wish to comment:

Ward: Odd Down App Ref: 07/02379/FUL
Parish: N/A
Registered: 7th August 2007 Expiry Date: 2nd October 2007
Location: East Lodge Sulis Manor Road Odd Down Bath BA2 2AL
Grid Ref: (E)373488 - (N)161662 LB Grade: N/A
Proposal: Change of use from residential (Use Class C3) to clinical medical (Use Class D1)
Officer: Neil Harvey
Applicant: Combe Down Surgery

Representations on this application should be made in writing to Development Control, Trimbridge House, Trim Street, Bath BA1 2DP. Alternatively representations can be made using the Planning Service pages of the Council’s website All representation must arrive no later than the 14th September 2007.

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Roundabout Sponsorship Update

Planning permission for sponsorship has been granted to the roundabouts at the Red Lion in Odd Down and at the Odd Down Park and Ride in Bathavon West. The first was approved 7-3 and the second was approved when the Chair used his casting vote in favour after a 5-5 tied vote. All future applications for sponsored roundabouts will be considered individually on their own merits.

Steve and Nigel said

“Many Councils across the country have this sort of business sponsorship scheme for roundabout improvements – Bath and North East Somerset has been missing a trick for some time! I look forward to seeing the roundabouts when the landscaping improvements have been implemented.”

Old Fosse Road Traffic Calming Update(2)

We now have a start date, the council has published the following notice

BATH AND NORTH EAST SOMERSET DISTRICT COUNCIL consequent upon the installation of traffic calming works and will be operative from the 3rd September 2007 for a maximum period of two months. However, the restriction may not be effected for the whole of the period but it is anticipated that the road will be closed as and when traffic signs are in position and only for so long as is necessary to execute the works which it is anticipated will be for FOUR WEEKS.

< This order is required because works are being or are proposed to be executed on or near the road consequent upon the installation of traffic calming worksand will be operative from the 3rd September 2007 for a maximum period of two months. However, the restriction may not be effected for the whole of the period but it is anticipated that the road will be closed as and when traffic signs are in position and only for so long as is necessary to execute the works which it is anticipated will be for FOUR WEEKS.

ALTERNATIVE ROUTE – Wellsway, Frome Road.

Monday, 6 August 2007

Sulis Meadows Update

The council has heard nothing from Crest regarding the adoption of Sulis Meadows since May - We are trying to push things on again.

Monday, 30 July 2007

Old Fosse Road Traffic Calming Update

Old Fosse Road traffic calming and weight limit in other roads The council has placed this order.

NOTICE is hereby given that on 1st August 2007 Bath and North East Somerset Council made the following order under provisions contained in the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, as amended, the effect of which is to restrict use by heavy commercial vehicles exceeding a maximum gross weight of 7.5 tonnes on certain lengths of road in Odd Down, Bath. The affected roads are Barrow Road, Clare Gardens, Colborne Road, Eastover Grove, Odins Road, Old Fosse Road, Oolite Road, Shickle Grove, Stanway Close, Upper Bloomfield Road, Vernham Grove and Wansdyke Road, Bath.

The order will come into operation on 6th August 2007 and a copy, together with a map and a Statement of the Council's Reasons for making the order may be inspected at Trimbridge House, Trim Street, Bath during normal office hours.

Traffic calming in Old Fosse Road should be starting sometime in August

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Police and Council ignore Odd Down Residents

Today I tried again to phone the police but no joy, I also tried to ring the Councils emergency phone number after 20mins I gave up. last night we had 30 youths all drunk, smashing glass swearing, kicking doors, in and around the Youth Club in Odins road, and this went on until about 1-30am when the police were called (they answered within 5 minutes) but never showed up. I was told by residents that a Police car was parked up at the park and ride and never moved ( However I did not see this myself ) I got so angry that I called the Bath Chronicle and went to Odd Down and cleared up the glass and beer cans myself. Residents also suffer this at weekends in the Vernham Grove Playarea Cllr Nigel Roberts and I are working towards getting the playarea back under the control of the Council

If any resident of Odd Down or for that matter BANES have had trouble getting through to the police none emergency phone number or the Councils out of hours emergency number would you please let Cllr Steve Hedges or Cllr Nigel Roberts know.

Cllr Nigel Roberts
11 Old Newbridge Hill
Tel 01225 336366

Cllr Steve Hedges
5 Oak Avenue
Tel 01225 358622

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Somerdale View - Yellow Lines

Cllr Nigel Roberts and Cllr Steve Hedges have been trying to get the yellow lines finished on the corner of Somerdale View, but due to parked cars this wasn’t done. This will now been included in the programme for a Traffic regulation Orders, so it is legally enforceable.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Georgian View

Having pointed out the potholes, by Cllrs Nigel Roberts and Steve Hedges along with local residents, to the council the repairs are due to be made shortly.

There are a number of areas that also need to be repaired; at the Junctions of Georgian View with Ambleside Road and Marsden Road.

The council uses the following criteria : A pothole is a sharp edged depression in the carriageway greater than 30mm deep.

The severity of a pothole is determined by the risk it poses to road users. This is difficult to judge since all potholes present some risk. Potholes this should be reported immediately to Council Connect on 394041or email

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Sponsored Roundabouts

Odd Down Liberal Democrat Councillors Nigel Roberts and Steve Hedges are welcoming plans to improve two roundabouts in the Odd Down area. The roundabouts will be planted with displays of shrubs and flowering plants which are likely to be sponsored by local companies. Schemes such as this are common across the country.

Planning applications have been submitted to the Council for the planting schemes and sponsorship advertisement signs.

Cllr Nigel Roberts said:

"These schemes are great news – the roundabouts in Bath, especially in Odd Down, have been neglected for far too long. Often they are just overgrown and untidy. Schemes like this are a good example of how the Council can work in partnership with the business community.”

Cllr Steve Hedges added:

“Seeing these roundabouts being planted up and looked after will give a real boost to Odd Down – we really need the addition of a bit of colour to the neighbourhood!”

Wednesday, 11 July 2007